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Scarab Gold Plated cuff


Ra, the Egyptian God, was often depicted as a scarab beetle or beetle-headed man.
The ancient Egyptians believed that Ra renewed the sun every day, before rolling it above the horizon and carrying it through the other world after sunset- only to renew it again the next day.

Gold Plated
Cuff width: 60mm
Weight: 43g


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SCARAB cuff - gold (Drop Shadow)- GREY BACKGROUND.jpg

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The Scarab symbol represented the “God of creation” to gather life and strength by the living of eternal life and protection. It was the symbol of the creative power of the Sun-God and through that power was supposed to restore life.  A special kind of scarab known as the heart scarab was placed in the wrapping of Egyptian mummies and placed approximately over the heart as a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. Symbols are a very powerful universal language that speaks to our psyche; they can awaken past life knowledge and wisdom within us. The Egyptians believed that many substances that were used to make their amulets possessed magical properties that could be absorbed by their wearers. The most powerful amulets were those inscribed with the names of various Gods or those that were consecrated by a magician and thus possessed some of his spiritual powers.