Inspired by crystals, gemstones and her metaphysical studies, Irene Payne combined both passions and launched Alchemical Magic in 2006.
Alchemical Magic specialises in unique jewellery and crystals sourced from Irene's travels to sacred sites in Tibet, USA, UK, Ireland, Scotland, France, Cyprus, and Italy while she was studying and teaching. 

Irene has worked as a spiritual healer and teacher for the past twenty years and during that time has built a large client base through her energetic healing work. It is for these clients that Irene channeled through the Sprays and Alchemy Collection Jewellery to support her clients in their growth process and to assist in her energetic work; Whether that be individual healings, meditations groups or large workshops.

Irene has trained in a number of healing modalities, including Lightbody, Tibetan & Sharmanic healing and currently runs a successful practice in Sydney, Australia.

Please see events page for upcoming meditation groups and workshops or for further details on how to book a session with Irene please contact us.


Our jewellery covers a broad range of pendants, rings, bracelets/cuff’s, necklaces and earrings. Alchemical Magic's designs incorporate a variety of unique channelled influences. We use high quality silver and gold plating. The crystals and gemstones we use in some of our designs are chosen for their metaphysical and therapeutic properties. The symbols that adorn our range are to enhance and reinforce the long connection the human psyche has to the metaphysical language of symbols.

High priests from ancient civilisations understood the power of crystals and gemstones and used them in their breastplates to enhance their spiritual power, sovereignty and leadership skills.  We set our crystal and gemstone jewellery in 925 sterling silver. Crystals are believed to support, balance and refine ones energy fields when worn on the body, it is believed that when one meditates with them they will awaken the psyche to the knowledge and wisdom that they hold.



The Alchemical Magic Logo symbol is a master symbol that represents the essence and power of my work. It incorporates the symbols of the Ourobors, the gold inverted A, and the silver M which are the first two letters of our company name Alchemical Magic. The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol that is associated with the power of Alchemy-Gnosticism and Hermeticism. The snake swallowing its tail also represents the power of the Kundalini (an energy slumbering in the base chakra) when awakened and activated rises up the chakra system to support one in obtaining enlightenment.

The Gold “A” represents the Kabbalistic letter A:-meaning the masculine principal and Blade. Other attributes of A represent the Divine principal in all creation, the emotional attribute of selflessness, the intellectual attribute of self restraint and its divinatory attribute denotes – THE MAGICIANS WILL & DEXTERITY.

The silver letter “M” represents the Kabalistic letter M:- meaning the feminine principal and VESSEL. M also represents the united V, which in Leonardo Da Vinci famous painting of the Last Super represents the unification of Mary Magdalene and Jesus. The V symbol created by the space between their bodies united (indicating the marriage or the sacred union of Mary Magdalene and Jesus). Other attributes of M include the Divine principal of Hope, the emotional attribute of Devotion, the intellectual attribute of inspiration and its divinatory attribute denotes- DEATH/PURIFICATION AND TRANSFORMATION.