My journey with energetic healing began more than 20 years ago, when I started to work with crystals, energy, symbols and sacred geometry. Through personal loss I awakened to my own innate wisdom, and my self-healing process began through the technology of crystals. The first crystal I felt a soul connection to was Rose Quartz, and then over the years many more crystals began to reveal their ancient truths to me in dream state or simply when I held them in my hand.

Crystals are solidified light ,and the technology encoded within them showed me how working with crystals, I could shift and restore the physical/etheric body into one unified field of light.

I believe the purpose of energy healing is to support the purification of the mind and physical body and to restore it to its original Divine Human Blueprint. This blueprint was created by the Divine Mind/Infinite Intelligence eons ago. The ultimate goal for all of us on Earth at this time is to support the physical body to transcend into light. To bring light into matter, to embody our Lightbody.


How can AFH help you?

"All that we are, is a result of what we have thought” – Gautam Buddha.

Through our thoughts we create our reality, what we think we become. Knowing this to be a universal truth it is imperative that one is diligent in the process of mind and body purification. When your bodies energy centres get overloaded and out of balance, we find it difficult to release the memories of old patterning and behavioural experiences, so we get caught up in self-judgement, guilt, and regret. Through the energy procedures of Alchemical Frequency Healing one gradually begins to clear the accumulation of negative thought patterns, mental clutter and energy density which one creates and stores in the body and mental plane on a daily basis. Through receiving an Alchemical Frequency Healing the mind will gain clarity, attain peace and the body’s energy fields will purify and come into a state of balance. Self-mastery of your mind will support the connection with the Divine Mind and Creation itself, which fundamentally is your thoughts.


How does AFH work?

Through the use of mantras, mandalas, sacred geometry, crystals and energy procedures Alchemical Frequency Healing works to reconnect and repair any dormant or disconnected circuitry within the endocrine system, thus enabling it to activate ascension codes within the DNA. These codes awaken you to your own Divine Nature and enhance your awareness to your connection to all of creation.


Sacred Geometry

Alchemical Frequency Healing incorporates the ancient science of sacred geometry, which is a universal language based in mathematics, patterns and symbology. Sacred geometry transmits frequency patterns of light through the geometric forms of the Hexahedron, Dodecahedron, Tetrahedron, Octahedron and Icosahedron, creating and sustaining a state of oneness within you and your connection to the cosmos.


Electromagnetic System

For the majority of the human race at this time, the circuitry system of the human body is not capable of sustaining its molecular structure in an enlightened state of mind or higher-consciousness, because many of its major circuits were disconnected.

This disconnection process was the result of our dissension into the 3rd dimension of reality. Our dissension created an inability to access sufficient supplies of electromagnetic energy required to maintain a heightened state of awareness.  

Electromagnetic energy enables our human being to expand and shift consciousness. While we existed within the 3rd dimension insufficient supplies of electromagnetic energy were available to us. As a result, our lifespan shortened, we began to create energetic distortion in our bodies that manifested into physical disease and we suffered mentally, emotionally and physically.

The procedures of Alchemical Frequency Healing support the decoding of this suppressed pain/suffering in our cellular memory, on all levels of our energetic patterning and helps support a shift of consciousness enabling us to evolve from the 3rd through the 4th and into a 5thdimensional level of consciousness.

The fundamental requisite in this journey of ascension or transcendence is the reconnection of disconnected circuitry leading to the resurrection of our Lightbody (Divine Human Blueprint).

Spiritual enlightenment takes place when the human being reawakens to the awareness that he/she is part of the technology of light, and that codes of light bind the universe together with “All that is” and is eternal in nature.

If you are experiencing symptoms of:

·      Anxiety

·      Arthritis

·      Allergies

·      Asthma

·      Childhood Trauma

·      Depression

·      Fatigue

·      Fear

·      Female reproductive disorders

·      Fertility Issues

·      Grief

·      Headaches

·      Immune deficiencies

·      Infections

·      Inflammation

·      Insomnia

·      Issues around intimacy

·      Joint or structural problems creating back pain

·      Memory loss

·      Stress

·      Suffering from a lack of self- confidence, self- esteem and self-judgement

Alchemical Frequency Healing can assist you in releasing and clearing the cellular memory and emotions behind these energy blocks.

To book your Alchemical Frequency Healing Session or for further details please contact irene@alchemicalmagic.com