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Dark PETRIFIED WOOD and Pewter Box


Petrified Wood Box

This incredible one of a kind Petrified Wood box is the perfect addition to any home. Petrified Wood is a crystalized glass like fossil of a tree, with the appearance of the wood cell structure preserved.

The fossilization process begins when trees become buried in sediment. Mineral rich water passing through the sediment carries away the decaying wood molecules and replaces them with minerals like silica.

Over thousands of years the minerals crystallize producing a metamorphic stone fossil with the appearance of wood.

Each piece is completely one of a kind, just like no two tress are the same, no piece of Petrified Wood is either.

Petrified Wood Box

Size: W - 178mm / L - 145mm / D - 60mm

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Petrified Wood Box 1.1.jpg
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