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Tibetan SMOKY QUARTZ Twin Terminator


Raw Smokey Quartz Twin Terminator Crystal 

Smoky quartz crystal helps one to connect to the energy of the kundalini assisting one to reach higher states of enlightenment and create an energetic shift in the physical and spiritual bodies. Smoky Quartz crystal works directly with the Kundalini energy and assists one in maintaining grounded through this transition. 

It is a powerful protective stone that neutralizes negative energy and filters psychic pollutants from your environment. Physically this stone assists in alleviating stress and provides effective pain relief throughout the body.

Smoky Quartz has a strong connection with the earth and base chakras, as such it is particularly useful in clearing ailments associated with the reproductive system, stomach, hips and legs.  

Raw Smoky Quartz Tibetan Twin Terminator

Size:  130mm x 100mm
Weight: 1.3kg

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smokey tibetan twin terminator.jpg
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