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Cosmic Merkaba Meditation Night 5th October 2016

  • Alchemical Magic CBD Sydney Australia (map)

5th October Astrological Reading

Last week we touched on the universal truth that our thoughts create our reality and as Buddha is credited with saying “All that we are, is a result of what we have thought.” As we work towards being more consciously mindful of our thoughts and actions, the way we perceive situations, people and even planetary events goes a long way in helping us to achieve this (mammoth) change.
Our perceptions influence our reactions, emotions and decisions, whether we register an encounter or circumstance as positive or negative can greatly affect our thoughts.
Learning to make realisations in the moment and perceiving all negative and positive circumstances as an opportunity to master, enables us to diffuse negative thought forms before they manifest and take hold in our minds. We know for the majority of us this is easier said than done, but like any action you wish to master, it takes training and practice. For many of you who join us on Wednesday nights for Cosmic Merkaba Meditation you are already working towards this during your silent meditation practice when you practice clearing your mind of thoughts.

Between October 3rd and 20th Mercury who has just gone direct will be transiting Virgo. This is important because Jupiter is also in Virgo at this time. It is said that these circumstances make for a period of excellent learning as Jupiter the teacher and Mercury the student meet. As such the universe has provided you RIGHT NOW an incredible opportunity to put some real energy and focus into your practice.  
Remember that everyone and everything in your life is in your life so you may be challenged to consider a different perspective or an alternate view of your relationship to All-That-Is.

We look forward to you all joining us on Wednesday night.   

Details for the week:
Wednesday 5th October 2016 6.30pm - 8pm AEDST
Cost: $40.00AUD
All Absentee participants are called into the group individually and receive a recording of the meditation post session
Bookings are essential - Please contact us to confirm your place