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Cosmic Merkaba Meditation Night 9th November 2016

  • Alchemical Magic CBD Sydney Australia (map)

This Week's Astrological Reading

We are moving towards one of the biggest lunar and astrological events of the year with the Full Moon/Supermoon on Monday 14th November. We will look at the influences this event will have on us in next weeks astrological reading. However we are starting to feel its effects now as deep seated insecurities and karmic pain are bubbling to the surface for many of us this week. 
A desire to be a part of "community energy" is very strong right now, although many of us feel separated from the collective group as our insecurities around self worth and belonging, come up to be cleared. 

The planet Venus rules our relationships and as it is situated in Sagittarius right now, it is shifting us toward a state of universal love and urging us to connect with our soul groups at this time. Pivotal to the strengthening of all relationships (especially the one with yourself) is open and honest communication. Being in truth with yourself can help you to confront the insecurities that are arising for you at this time. Acknowledging what part you have played in their continuation and how your behaviour can actually release their hold upon you, can be extremely beneficial at this time. 

Communication with your 'community' about your true sense of identity, will enable you to create relationships at this time that value who you really are. Which will allow you to distance yourself from ones that are formed around the perception you have created of yourself, that may not be truth. The cosmos and planets are supporting you to step out of your comfort zone at this time and let go of the past; past relationships, past values that are no longer in line with who you are, past sense's of identity. Let go of all that no longer serves you in anticipation of the Full Moon on Monday.    

We look forward to you all joining us on Wednesday night.   

Details for the week:

  • Wednesday 9th November 2016 6.30pm - 8pm AEDST
  • Cost: $40.00AUD
  • All Absentee participants are called into the group individually and receive a recording of the meditation post session
  • Bookings are essential - Please contact us to confirm your place