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Cosmic Merkaba Meditation Night 1st February 2017

  • Alchemical Magic CBD Sydney Australia (map)

This Week's Astrological Reading

As it is said 'the times they are a-changin' and as the winds of change are blowing through our lives this week, we must decide how we are going to weather the storm. Will you allow yourself to be carried forward into brave new territory or let fear root you to the ground and potentially break you. This week brings with it a first quarter moon and it is said that feelings of crisis and change surround every first quarter moon phase. Whether it be an event or confrontation you knew would inevitably present itself, has finally occurred to be dealt with. Or an unexpected obstacle that you are confronted with in your career, personal life or relationships, the energy this week calls for you to meet it head on. Procrastination will be to your detriment, it is time to make some serious decisions as we are compelled to take action.

With the Moon entering the sign of Aries today (staying there until the 2nd) in conjunction with the Sun in Aquarius, we have the opportunity to make accelerated or progressive change. This can create a desire to break free of any restrictions we may be feeling and start brand new.

However, some of us may be experiencing fear and resistance to change as there is much uncertainty in the collective consciousness right now, due to current world events.  This accumulation of thoughts, fears and emotions in the ethers can trigger our own unconscious and suppressed fears. It is very important at this time to remain grounded, positive and be aware of our thoughts and feelings. Try not to feed your fears by dwelling on them, if you feel you are able to look at why you are feelingthe way you are, do so! Acknowledge them, release them into the light and move on. Lastly take some time to set your intent to send some positive energy and love out into the universe, to help try and lift the vibration of the planet right now.   

Join us this Wednesday night for Cosmic Merkaba Meditation.
Details for the week:
Wednesday 1st February 2017 6.30pm - 8pm AEDST
Cost: $40.00AUD
All Absentee participants are called into the group individually and receive a recording of the meditation post session
Bookings are essential - Please contact us to confirm your place