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Alchemical Frequency Healing @ Chi Therapies

  • Chi Therapies 9 Cheal Lane Neutral Bay, NSW, 2089 Australia (map)

Irene will be running Alchemical Frequency Healing Sessions at her practice in Chi Therapies Neutral Bay every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

Alchemical Frequency Healing, is an integrated Energy Medicine Modality, offering a holistic approach to health and wellness. Alchemical Frequency Healing infuses light into the shadow aspects of self, that light dissolves our dark, fearful, negative thoughts, setting our mind free of limiting beliefs and restrictive thoughts, enabling one to embody his or her unlimited potential.

Through the use of mantrasmandalas, sacred geometry, crystals and energy procedures Alchemical Frequency Healing works to reconnect and repair any dormant or disconnected circuitry within the endocrine system, thus enabling it to activate ascension codes within the DNA. These codes awaken you to your own Divine Nature and enhance your awareness to your connection to all of creation.

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