Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz is also known as rock crystal and crystal quartz. Throughout history Clear Quartz has been valued by many civilisations as far back as Lemuria and was used extensively in Atlantis. In the metaphysical world Clear Quartz is believed to be the ultimate master healer balancing and amplifying energy to create a strong clear connection to one’s higher guidance. It supports clairvoyance and all visionary work. Clear Quartz amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it and when placed with other crystals on the grid it also amplifies their energy and metaphysical properties. It is for this reason that it is used and placed in the centre of the grid to act as an amplifier and generator.

Aventurine: Aventurine works primarily with the heart and its associated glands & chakras. It has a soothing and calming energy that is recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues. It is a mythical crystal known for its ability to support personal growth and prosperity. It releases and dissolves negative energy blocks and enhances one’s creativity, manifestation ability, perception, intellect, mental clarity and leadership abilities. This crystal helps one to release old patterns around lack, worthiness, loss & self-esteem as well as enhancing mental clarity and leadership abilities. Aventurine is used in ritual or gridding work to increase the power of manifestation, abundance, opportunity and one’s visionary powers. It is used in the New Moon Grid as the transformer crystal, it has the natural ability to attune to the human mind and convey its thoughts to the frequency of the Divine Intelligence. It is used to anchor and ground the top triangle of the Sri Yantra grid, with the direct purpose of sending the energy of our intentions (prayers) up to Spirit.

Hematite: Hematite is actually a mineral. It is the mineral form of iron and is a receptive element found both Earth and Mars. Hematite resonates the element of fire; fire supports the mental body and transmutes negative thought, it revitalises and empowers the mental plane, supporting you in your quest of release, purification and transmutation. Hematite helps you to stay grounded and centred and is a great crystal to use for psychic protection and to deflect negative energy. It will help you to find your strengths. Confidence and power especially if you have trouble standing up for yourself or setting boundaries. Hematite form and anchors the bottom triangle of the Sri Yantra grid, bringing your prayers and desires down from the heavens to earth and manifesting them into the physical world.

Citrine: Natural Citrine is a powerful crystal for manifestation and abundance. It works with the Solar Plexus and Naval Chakras, re-energising and resourcing the chakras from the sun and universal source power. This crystal of manifestation attracts prosperity and helps one to visualise and bring into reality their gifts and talents. Citrine raises self-esteem and self-confidence, removing destructive tendencies helping one to overcome fears, depression, and phobias. This release of negative patterning allows one to revitalise one’s power centre located within the solar plexus chakra, thus allowing a natural flow of positive energy to be used for self-empowerment, manifestation, creativity, motivation and self-expression.

Moonstone: A crystal of cycles and new beginnings, Moonstone is strongly connected to the energy of the goddess and to the moon. It enhances your natural intuition, clairvoyance and can assist in developing your innate psychic gifts and abilities. On the physical level Moonstone can heal conditions connected to the reproductive system, conception and birth. Emotionally, Moonstone helps to heal dynamics with the mother and significant female figures in your life. During lunar cycles Moonstone can support you to connect with the powerful frequencies of the New Moon and support you in creating a healing response in the body as well as initiating new beginnings,

Sacred Geometry of Sri Yantra: The Sri Yantra also known as the Sri Chakra represents all the fundamental principals of Tantric philosophy. It is known as the best or supreme existing yantra and all other yantras derive from it.

The Yantra is the symbolic representation of the Mother Goddess. It is made up of linear and spatial ‘geometric permutations’ of the Goddess in the mandala. You find yantras in many sacred geometry works and the design of the Sri Chakra/Yantra is nine interwoven triangles, four of which represent the male principal (Shiva) and five inverted triangles representing Shakti, the feminine (creative) principal. An individual’s spiritual journey or path to enlightenment from material existence to ultimate ascension and enlightenment is mapped through the Sri Yantra, the spiritual journey is undertaken as a pilgrimage each step or elevation is an ascent to the centre. The Sri Yantra represents the totality of existence and can be used as a tool in meditation to contemplate the path to enlightenment and the nature of the universe and existence.

 Sage Smudge Stick: Smudging is ritual alchemy; the smoke is used to bless, cleanse and heal the person being smudged. It is believed to connect the human to the spirit world. Sage has long been used by indigenous native American Indians and shaman healers to improve well-being, purify sacred space, spiritual tools and the energy field of an individual. The smoke from the burning sage absorbs and dispels negative energy. Dried white sage has a beautiful sweet fragrance and will invoke a sense of memory for you and will call in your spirit guides and ancestors who will support you with your New Moon Ceremony.

Himalayan Rope Incense: Making rope incense is a long-standing tradition in the Himalayan region of Tibet. It is made by farmers and other villagers during the off season. High quality aromatic medicinal herbs are gathered and dried and placed on Lokta paper made from Daphne bush. The herbal blend is placed in the paper and given an artistic twist to create the rope like strands. When lit the herbs purify the atmosphere. It is a ritual incense composed of 25 ingredients, including saffron, cloves, nagi, red and white sandalwood and 20 other medicinal herbs local to the Himalayan region. It is completely natural and does not include wooden sticks, glues or dyes. We suggest that you burn the rope incense by laying it flat in a Paua’ shell or earthenware dish, on a bed of dry sand or course rock salt. This allows the entire rope incense to burn safely and completely. Use a feather to gently distribute the smoke through your aura and around your body.

New Moon Alchemy Candle: Our popular New Moon Alchemy candle is made on the New Moon from 100% pure soy wax and fragranced with essential oils. It is enhanced with crystals, botanicals and programmed with sacred chants and mantras.

We suggest that each time you light your candle allow it to melt to the sides of the container before extinguishing the flame. This will prevent your candle from tunnelling and ensure the longevity (25HR + burn time) of your candle. Trim the wick to 5cm before each lightning to prevent any soot forming or overheating the container.