Christ Consciousness Purification Mist.

Frankincense, Patchouli, Jasmine, Lavender

Dimensions: 50 mm x 150 mm

CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS PURIFICATION MIST: The Christ known throughout history as the son of god embodied a consciousness that resonated the frequencies of love and compassion, which came to be understood as Christ Consciousness... 


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CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS SPRAY: The Christ known throughout history as the son of god embodied a consciousness that resonated the frequencies of love and compassion, which came to be understood as Christ Consciousness. This purification mist was developed to support you in the unification of your own consciousness, which when achieved in oneself brings you into a state of Christ Consciousness. This mist has been developed using the pure essential oils of Frankincense, Patchouli, Jasmine and Lavender. These essential oils have been chosen for their high vibrational frequency, purification and healing properties. Holy oil from the Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem and holy water from the River Jordan have also been added to enhance the sacred vibration within the spray through their connection to the Holy Land.

FRANKINCENSE: This natural resin has been valued since ancient times for its medicinal, aromatic and spiritual applications. It was one of the sacred gifts along with gold and myrrh that was given to the baby Jesus at his birth by the Three Wise Men. Frankincense’s aromatic properties operate in ones Auric Field and adapts to one’s spiritual state of being/consciousness. Heightening awareness, it deepens any religious/spiritual experience the user may be encountering and promoting higher consciousness. Frankincense assists in keeping the heart pure and full of compassion. It serves as a protector and clears negative thoughts and encourages feelings of self-love and empathy. It is an aroma utilised to call upon the Divine and to send love and prayers out into the universe. It supports an enlightened state of consciousness to develop and works with ones crown chakra to open enabling you to connect with your elevated spiritual self.

PATCHOULI: Patchouli brings a sense of the sacredness of life into ones consciousness, it has rich earthy tones that help to ground ones energies making one feel safe to surrender to the Divine. It helps to dissolve boundaries and create feelings of liberation. It has been used during ritual, meditation and prayer throughout history and when inhaled it is said to evoke and reveal the secrets of the soul.

JASMINE: Jasmine holds a powerful connection to the Goddess and the Divine Mother and is symbolic of the moon. Prized for its exquisitely floral aroma which is exotic and uplifting the fragrance balances the feminine energies within. Its scent is considered by some to be an aphrodisiac and has historically been used in Tantric rituals. Jasmine was chosen for this spray for its unique ability to resonate on both the physical and spiritual planes, as it increases inner strength, uplifts the spiritual senses and attracts love. It also promotes spiritual and physical wellbeing.

LAVENDER: Lavender is believed to have the ability to increase alpha waves in the back of one’s brain leading to increased relaxation enabling one to enter deeper states of meditation. Lavenders fragrance is often associated with nurturing, bringing feelings of warmth, protection and love. Its aroma helps to calm stress and anxiety as it has a steadying effect on the psyche. Often it is associated with the Divine Violet Flame because of its colour, which provides the frequency of protection and the transmutation of Karma and negative energy. If one is in need of comfort it helps one to recognise that help is always available and that we are never alone.