Divine Feminine roll-on essential oil fragrance blend

Essential oils of Rose, Jasmine, Myrrh in a carrier base oil of Sweet Almond and Jojoba.

Dimensions: 70 mm x 84 mm
15ml Glass Bottle

DIVINE FEMININE ESSENTIAL OIL: Rose awakens the heart and is the symbol of Mother Mary the Virgin Mother and of Venus the Goddess of love...

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ROSE: Rose awakens the heart and is the symbol of Mother Mary the Virgin Mother and of Venus the Goddess of love. As the symbol of love, healing, protection and peace it is associated with the many aspects of love, both giving and receiving. Rose has a connection with the angelic realms; it is said some people that have had a divine intervention in their lives at a time of crisis, have reported the smell of roses in their time of need. Roses resonate with the element of water and the emotional body, healing and balancing the physical heart as well as the metaphysical heart and heart chakra.

JASMINE: Jasmine holds a powerful connection to the Goddess and the Divine Mother and is symbolic of the moon. Prized for its exquisitely floral aroma which is exotic and uplifting the fragrance balances the feminine energies within. Its scent is considered by some to be an aphrodisiac and has historically been used in Tantric rituals. Jasmine was chosen for this spray for its unique ability to resonate on both the physical and spiritual planes, as it increases inner strength, uplifts the spiritual senses and attracts love. It also promotes spiritual and physical wellbeing.

MYRRH: Myrrh was one of the gifts along with Frankincense and gold that was given to the baby Jesus at his birth by the Three Wise Men. Myrrh enables understanding and helps to expand consciousness, clearing energetic depletion and empowering one to achieve a high spiritual level of consciousness. As Myrrh helps to create understanding it paves the way for acceptance and forgiveness allowing one to let go of old wounds and move forward past suffering; letting go or transcending pain, grief or sorrow thus bringing the mind, body and emotions into a state of peace and unity. Myrrh has traditionally been considered to be one of the holiest plants and is still used for purification and to dispel negative or harmful energies. Myrrh also protects psychically sensitive people during their awakening and brings awareness of the spiritual reality into our everyday existence.