Medicine Buddha Incense

Juniper, Helichrysum, Lavender 

Dimensions: 50 mm x 1300 mm

MEDICINE BUDDHA INCENSE: Juniper has long been known as an antiseptic and astringent as it protects and generally promotes the quick healing of wounds...

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JUNIPER: Juniper has long been known as an antiseptic and astringent as it protects and generally promotes the quick healing of wounds. Jupiter purifies the aura and subtle bodies clearing our pathway to the Divine Spirit allowing for the obtainment of enlightenment and inner vision. It enables purification to occur, assisting you during meditation to connect you to the beings of the clearest and purest light so you can gain insight as to why negative thoughts or experiences may be troubling you. Inhaling juniper helps one to feel more sincere mentally and spiritually as it raises the energy of the heart, mind and spirit. This herb also has a connection to the angelic realms.

HELICHRYSUM: Helichrysum has a fresh earthy herbaceous scent that like Juniper lifts the spirit. Its small white flowers are often called everlasting or immortelle due to their ability to maintain their colour, fragrance and freshness for long periods of time. There are many health benefits attributed to helichrysum oil and it is often used as an antispasmodic, anticoagulant, anti-allergenic, antiseptic and as a fungicidal. Helichrysum opens hearts and brings awareness to the energy that affects our lives. It calms painful emotions and clears the memory behind the painful emotions allowing the emotional body to heal and become stronger. Helichrysum helps to develop acceptance, courage, endurance and persistence.

LAVENDER: Lavender is believed to have the ability to increase alpha waves in the back of one’s brain leading to increased relaxation enabling one to enter deeper states of meditation. Lavenders fragrance is often associated with nurturing, bringing feelings of warmth, protection and love. Its aroma helps to calm stress and anxiety as it has a steadying effect on the psyche. Often it is associated with the Divine Violet Flame because of its colour, which provides the frequency of protection and the transmutation of Karma and negative energy. If one is in need of comfort it helps one to recognise that help is always available and that we are never alone.