ASTROLOGY: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 16th March 2016

16th March Astrological Reading

March is a month of major astrological events. Featuring two eclipses, the equinox and a super moon.
Last week the Cosmic Merkaba Meditation worked with the energies of the Total Solar Eclipse on the 8th-9th March.
The impact of this eclipse is still effecting many of us as we continue to work through the emotions that are coming up for us in relation to our life purpose. This is creating feelings of extreme anxiety and depression in many of us, which is being exacerbated by the Equinox occurring this weekend on the 20th March.

Equinox's have a tendency to ramp up energetic influences occurring at the time. As such it is now more important then ever to keep a calm and undisturbed mind to maintain internal balance. Take any opportunity that presents itself to go into stillness and meditate or recite mantras to assist you in clearing these feelings of unease and to make the most of these powerful cosmic energies.