ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 8th March 2017

This Week's Astrological Reading

Emotionally you may be feeling off kilter this week as the planetary movements are directly impacting our emotional body. You may find that you are particularly sensitive to other peoples words and actions, taking everything personally and as a direct slight against you. As the sun is in Pisces this month, the negative aspects of this transit are self-pity, a feeling of being victimized by life and passivity. These emotions are amplified at this time so try to keep this in mind when these situations occur so that you can stay balanced and not react from your insecurities.

The moon moves through Cancer over the next couple of days, which see's us seeking out an emotional connection, love and support from those around us. This may manifest itself in a desire for you to be at home or in a "safe space". Go with these feelings where appropriate and find time to nurture yourself. But do not mistake the need to nurture yourself as a free pass to stop moving forward. If you know you have projects that you need to be working on then you must continue to forge ahead. As we spoke of last week, right now is the time to lay the foundations for the next 6 months of your life. You cannot afford to lose the momentum from the past couple of weeks.

Fundamentally this week, in its own unique way is about love. Self-love, showing love towards those who are close to you and putting love and effort into the plans for your future.