Divine Mother roll-on essential oil fragrance blend

Essential oils of Rose, Spikenard, Pink Lotus in a carrier base oil of Sweet Almond and Jojoba.

Dimensions: 70 mm x 84 mm
15ml Glass Bottle

DIVINE MOTHER ESSENTIAL OIL: Rose awakens the heart and is the symbol of Mother Mary the Virgin Mother and of Venus the Goddess of love...

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ROSE: Rose awakens the heart and is the symbol of Mother Mary the Virgin Mother and of Venus the Goddess of love. As the symbol of love, healing, protection and peace it is associated with the many aspects of love, both giving and receiving. Rose has a connection with the angelic realms; it is said some people that have had a divine intervention in their lives at a time of crisis, have reported the smell of roses in their time of need. Roses resonate with the element of water and the emotional body, healing and balancing the physical heart as well as the metaphysical heart and heart chakra.

PINK LOTUS: Pink lotus is regarded as a sacred flower that has the ability to beckon the mind into a state of stillness, clarity and devotion. Lotus has long been seen as a symbol of enlightenment. A mystical ingredient in the Divine Mother spray, it has a soft, nurturing, intense floral fragrance that embodies the essence of the divine feminine principal and all the gifts the goddess bestows.

SPIKENARD: Spikenard was selected to complement this blend of essential oils because of its ability to help one release their fears and in particular our fear of feeling again. When Spikenard is inhaled it helps us to have courage to move forward in our lives, enabling forgiveness towards ourselves and others and allowing us to make peace with those that have hurt us. It also helps us to release all that no longer serves us helping to free us from old stagnant energy and the karma that is associated with it, freeing our spirit. It connects us to the angelic realms and the infinite universe.