ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation Week of 17th October 2016

Week of 17th October Astrological Reading

Off the back of our Full / Supermoon this week, we are still being heavily influenced by the intense lunar vibrations that accompany this astrological event. Many of us may be feeling emotionally fragile as the significant relationships in our lives are being affected by the moon. Feelings and emotions that are situated deeply in our subconscious from childhood are coming up to be cleared at this time, so don't be surprised if your dream states is infiltrated with memories, places and people from your youth. Or even if fears and what we recognise as core issues or concerns are brought up to the forefront of our mind. This can be a deeply unsettling process for us, so it is extremely important that we be kind to ourselves during this period of purification so we do not add to our emotional stresses.

You may feel like your emotions are bubbling right below the surface and that you are unable to keep them contained. Now is the time to express these emotional declarations and not suppress how we are feeling! However be sure that you are mindful of what is spilling out, as when we feel this overwhelming urge to break open the floodgates, we sometimes forget to include a filter, which can lead to more damage.

The sun is currently in Libra as it has been since September 22nd, but as it moves into Scorpio on October 22nd, the emotional balance that Libra is reported to provide us with will wane and make way for the desire body that accompanies Scorpio. With this desire comes a need to fulfill ourselves and emotionally this manifests in a need to feel intimacy and depth in our relationships. It is a very powerful energy as it taps into our core motivations, desires and reveals to us what are the key driving forces in our lives. An opportunity of great healing is provided to us at this time, however be careful that you do not swing to far into the negative aspects of Scorpio that of jealousy, emotional manipulation andoverindulgence that make up the shadow side of this sign.