ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 29th January 2017

This Week's Astrological Reading

As it is said 'the times they are a-changin' and as the winds of change are blowing through our lives this week, we must decide how we are going to weather the storm. Will you allow yourself to be carried forward into brave new territory or let fear root you to the ground and potentially break you. This week brings with it a first quarter moon and it is said that feelings of crisis and change surround every first quarter moon phase. Whether it be an event or confrontation you knew would inevitably present itself, has finally occurred to be dealt with. Or an unexpected obstacle that you are confronted with in your career, personal life or relationships, the energy this week calls for you to meet it head on. Procrastination will be to your detriment, it is time to make some serious decisions as we are compelled to take action.

With the Moon entering the sign of Aries today (staying there until the 2nd) in conjunction with the Sun in Aquarius, we have the opportunity to make accelerated or progressive change. This can create a desire to break free of any restrictions we may be feeling and start brand new.

However, some of us may be experiencing fear and resistance to change as there is much uncertainty in the collective consciousness right now, due to current world events.  This accumulation of thoughts, fears and emotions in the ethers can trigger our own unconscious and suppressed fears. It is very important at this time to remain grounded, positive and be aware of our thoughts and feelings. Try not to feed your fears by dwelling on them, if you feel you are able to look at why you are feelingthe way you are, do so! Acknowledge them, release them into the light and move on. Lastly take some time to set your intent to send some positive energy and love out into the universe, to help try and lift the vibration of the planet right now.  


ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 22nd January 2017


This Week's Astrological Reading

On Saturday 28th at 11:07am Sydney time we will have our first New Moon of 2017. This lunar event will see us saturated in the energy of Aquarius as the Moon joins the Sun in the water sign. All month we have been focusing our intent on discerning what our plans and desires for 2017 are. Now is the time to implement them. In particular the sign of Aquarius extends its influence towards innovation and progressive changes with a strong focus on the group and social connection. Goals for the future and new ideas are very important to us at this time and we are open to new methods of doing things as we have our eye on the future.

We can see this mentality playing out all over the world just this past weekend, as hundreds of thousands of people came together in solidarity to protest gender inequality, discrimination and human rights issues. Our focus during this transit should be on how we can put into action the changes that we want to see not only in our own personal lives but in our family units, communities and workplaces. As we said last week we are responsible for the shape of our lives and destiny. It is through our actions and choices that we create our reality.

Aquarius promotes radical thinking and you may feel compelled to try something new, follow your intuition during this transit and don't let self doubt that is propelled by lack of self worth to hold you back. Breaking free of the norm is increasingly appealing to us this week, however that takes form in your life. Throw out your routine (within reason ;) ) this week and do something that ignites your passion and soul. Get up early and watch the sunrise or take a moonlit walk on the beach, leave work early (or on time for once) and go do an activity that makes you happy. Be sociable and feel the wonderful energy that connecting with other human beings in a genuine encounter can bring.


ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 8th January 2017

This Week's Astrological Reading

Blessings all and welcome to 2017!
At the beginning of the New Year we are prompted to set ourselves goals and make resolutions that will help us shape our vision for the upcoming 12 months. Every month we put a lot of emphasis on cycles, particularly those which are influenced by the phases of the moon. We speak of new beginnings, letting go and completion and the new year for many of us signals the start of an entirely new cycle. What is really important about this time is to utilise the momentum and motivation that we feel to put the changes we envision for ourselves into action!
As we settle back into the swing of things it is important that we try to maintain this momentum and follow through with the goals we were so passionate about only a week ago. If we can keep pushing forward we will well and truly be rewarded in the long run as we start to see our resolutions become reality.

The cosmos, planets, spirit and the universe are all here to support us (and what feels, at times, hinder us) in shaping our lives into what we want them to be. However what really creates lasting and true change is our own will and work. We are all blessed by the universe but it is our actions and thoughts that create our reality and we are responsible for how that reality looks. That is why it is so important to make time for your spiritual practices and work on yourself internally, so that you have the tools to help you through both the good times and the bad.

This week we have a Full Moon in Cancer on Thursday the 12th January. This Moon in Cancer is in direct opposition to the Sun in Capricorn and could not be more relevant for us right now as we are in the process of re-organizing our lives and priorities. Cancer represents our private lives, relationships the nurturing side of our self and Capricorn is our public life, career, ambition and reputation. This Full Moon encourages us to find the balance between these two forces, as the sun and moon hold the polarities of these aspects within us.

Take the time this week and join us for Cosmic Merkaba Meditation to reflect on these opposing desires and how you can bring them into balance in your own life. The Full Moon ritual is also a great opportunity to let go of all that no longer serves you in 2017 and look to the bright future in the illumination of a Full Moon.


ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 18th December

This Week's Astrological Reading

This week in the lead up to Christmas, we are all looking for some relief from the madness that this time of year can bring. Unfortunately there is none to be found among the planets as we will experience a number of significant transits over the next 7 days. Monday the 19th see's us enter into a Mercury retrograde and it will continue its reverse transit through the New Year. This week also brings the southern hemisphere its Summer Solstice on the 21st and that day also marks the sun's move from Sagittarius to Capricorn.
Mercury will resume its correct direction on January 8th and as with all Mercury retrogrades, we can expect to experience a few upheavals, obstacles and failings during this period. Mercury influences our mental chemistry and when it is in retrograde it can create havoc in our communication, technology and day to day life.   

We are fortunate that it is occurring at a time when we should traditionally be taking a break from work and relaxing, as retrograde transits are best for rest, contemplation and letting go. As it can have devastating effects on our communication, it would be wise to be mindful of our thoughts and actions over the holiday period when tempers and stress are already running high for so many of us!
This is a good time to look inwards, to re-evaluate our direction, path and desires, it is a time for self reflection and contemplation. As we send off another year and enter a new cycle in our lives, this transit provides us with an opportunity to discover what we would like to take with us into 2017, leave behind in 2016 and create new for the future.

The suns shift into the house of Capricorn on the 21st, this transit further supports this inclination to plan for the future. Capricorn influences us to plan ahead and achieve long term goals. It focuses on results and structure, this mentality can be extremely beneficial at the starting of a new cycle as it help us to implement our plans with a clear mind and focus.

And lastly on Wednesday we will feel the magic that a solstice brings into our lives. The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, and the word solstice originates from the Latin word solstitium', meaning 'sun standing still'. The ancients believed that the time of the solstice was one in which the sun stopped for three days, and is regarded to be a very auspicious and energetically potent time. Many believe that during a solstice the veils between the dimensions and the higher powers are at their thinnest, meaning it is a time where all things are touched by the hand of the creator or by divine energies.



ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 11th December 2016

This Week's Astrological Reading

All lunar events have an impact on our psyche, but never is this more true than with a Full Moon. The Full Moon this week occurs on the 14th and is the last of the Supermoon trifecta this year, it is amplifying the polarity aspects of our internal nature through its opposition to the Sun.  As such it can leave us feeling like our emotions are bubbling right below the surface, ready to overflow. This months moon is in Gemini, which is at exact opposition to the sun in Sagittarius. This can create internal conflict as these two opposing forces are battling within us. It is an emotional time, one in which we feel overcome with the need to express ourselves.

However be sure that you are mindful of what is spilling out, as when we feel this overwhelming urge to break open the floodgates, we sometimes forget to include a filter, which can lead to more damage. The thoughts and feelings that this full, Supermoon are bringing to the surface within us, are driven by emotions and it may seem like we have checked our rational brain at the door.

All is illuminated in the bright reflection of a full moon and with such opposing forces in the sky influencing us this week, you can expect any unresolved, emotions, issues and circumstances to come to a head as you energetically attempt to seek resolution and balance. Remember that we are all affected by these lunar transits and those in your life will be feeling the same push to express themselves and seek resolution to their own unresolved emotions. Try and practice patience and understanding at these times, because most people will not be aware of the current transit influences on their behaviour. It will help in diffusing any conflicts that may arise as they also try to express themselves at this time.

It can be beneficial to take a moment for yourself and be truly self reflective for the next couple of days. Look at what is coming up for you at this time and seek to find resolution to these emotions within yourself and therefore not need to create conflict with others in your attempt to find emotional equilibrium again. We begin to truly master within ourselves when we can acknowledge and process our emotions on our own terms in the moment and not as a result of a conflict or altercation.


ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 20th November 2016

This Week's Astrological Reading

We can all get swept up in the momentum of change, especially when it is instigated by a massive lunar force like last weeks Supermoon. But as our drive starts to wane like the moon in its last quarter, it is important to stay committed to the changes you have set in place when you felt supported by the moons energy to do so. Almost like a lunar hangover, we start second guess and question the realisations we have over the past week as it is easier to settle back into our comfort zone. But once you have seen and felt the truth you cannot truly go back into denial.

It is now full speed ahead as this week you should spend time fully accepting the realisations you have made and thinking about how they influence and change your life. Next weeks New Moon is the time to put these changes into practice, as we know the power of a New Moon is one of beginnings and new cycles and can support you energetically to take those leaps of faith. This is a week of planning and a time to tie up loose plans before you enter your new cycle ready to take action. 

This week also sees a shift in the Sun from Scorpio to Sagittarius, which sees us move out of the need to fulfil our internal desire body into a focus on the bigger picture and our whole world view. This will further support us as we seek to make enduring long term changes in our lives backed by Sagittarius rather then short term selfish changes driven by Scorpio. Now is the time to be brave, thoughtful, optimistic and curious in our lives. To take the leaps of faith in the belief that in the long run they will pay off and take us in the right direction. 



This Week's Astrological Reading

It's finally here! The November supermoon is upon us and I am sure you're all feeling the effects of this Lunar event already. It seems as though everyone is very aware of this months moon transit and for good reason! Tuesday mornings full moon in Taurus is classed as a supermoon and will reach its peak at 12:52am Sydney time, however it's energetic influence will impact us for the 3 days prior and post the event.
This moon is of particular significance as it will appear as the biggest and brightest moon to grace our skies in over 70 years and will not appear again as such, until 2034! So now for the really important information, what does this mean for us energetically?

Get ready for a big dose of reality as any illusion around you starts to come crashing down. Whether it be self created misconceptions or truths hidden from you by those close to you, the full force of this supermoon is here to illuminate them all. As with any lunar occurrence, you can expect to feel a high degree of hypersensitivity, emotional turmoil and generally a lack of rational thinking and emotional stability, we are in for a big few days.

It is never more important than during these circumstances to be conscientious of your words, actions and thoughts. It is in these periods of struggle that we are gifted with the greatest opportunities for growth and provided with learning curves that can reshape us entirely.
The energy of this full moon creates a time ripe with potential and possibilities, to enact great changes in our lives and our relationships. It is a time to take stock and ask yourself who do you want to be going forward? Will you give in to the feelings of anxiety and unrest brought up by the moon or will you seek to master your emotions, confront your true self and move forward!

Whilst it would be unwise to give into your more irrational thoughts over the next few days, do be kind to yourself. Find ways to nurture yourself by taking time to meditate, have a purifying bath or spend time relaxing with loved ones. These practices will help ease feelings of emotional instability as love (self love and love for others) can transmute even the darkest of moods.



ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation Week of 17th October 2016

Week of 17th October Astrological Reading

Off the back of our Full / Supermoon this week, we are still being heavily influenced by the intense lunar vibrations that accompany this astrological event. Many of us may be feeling emotionally fragile as the significant relationships in our lives are being affected by the moon. Feelings and emotions that are situated deeply in our subconscious from childhood are coming up to be cleared at this time, so don't be surprised if your dream states is infiltrated with memories, places and people from your youth. Or even if fears and what we recognise as core issues or concerns are brought up to the forefront of our mind. This can be a deeply unsettling process for us, so it is extremely important that we be kind to ourselves during this period of purification so we do not add to our emotional stresses.

You may feel like your emotions are bubbling right below the surface and that you are unable to keep them contained. Now is the time to express these emotional declarations and not suppress how we are feeling! However be sure that you are mindful of what is spilling out, as when we feel this overwhelming urge to break open the floodgates, we sometimes forget to include a filter, which can lead to more damage.

The sun is currently in Libra as it has been since September 22nd, but as it moves into Scorpio on October 22nd, the emotional balance that Libra is reported to provide us with will wane and make way for the desire body that accompanies Scorpio. With this desire comes a need to fulfill ourselves and emotionally this manifests in a need to feel intimacy and depth in our relationships. It is a very powerful energy as it taps into our core motivations, desires and reveals to us what are the key driving forces in our lives. An opportunity of great healing is provided to us at this time, however be careful that you do not swing to far into the negative aspects of Scorpio that of jealousy, emotional manipulation andoverindulgence that make up the shadow side of this sign.


ASTROLOGY READING: Supermoon, Sunday 16th October 2016

Supermoon Sunday!

Get ready for some intense lunar vibes as we welcome the first of three Full Moon/ Super moons in October, November and December. Starting this Sunday the October Full Moon will orbit the earth at it's closest approach and it will appear larger, brighter and its energies will be greatly amplified during this transit. In folklore this October Full Moon is also known as the Travel Moon and Blood Moon.
We will also experience Supermoons in the final two months of the year and speak more on this during next months full moon, as the closest and largest full supermoon of the year will fall on November 14, 2016.
This will be the largest full moon thus far in the 21st century (2001 to 2100) and will be the closest encounter between the Earth and moon until November 25, 2034.

Like all Lunar events, full moons directly influence our emotions, reflecting and amplifying any negative or positive thoughts and feelings we may be having. They also bring to the surface any unresolved emotional issues that have been lingering to be resolved. This has a tendency to directly affect all your relationships, be they familial, workplace, friendships or loved ones.
The full moon acts as a mirror, reflecting your circumstances back at you (a particularly BIG mirror over the next few months) and asks you to take a good hard look at any relationship imbalances that may be taking place. Ask yourself, is this a positive relationship, am I surrogating or being surrogated through this relationship? If the answer is yes, now is the time to cleanse your emotional attachments to these connections. It's not about cutting them out of your life, but more about reworking the way you manage and respond to these exchanges.

These lunar energies work directly with the feminine/ goddess energy. What a wonderful energetic time to be suspended in over the final few months of the year. These nurturing feminine moon energies create a space for you to heal any past hurts and recharge your batteries in a safe and supported space.



ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 31st August 2016

Week of 29th August Astrological Reading

Hold on to your mandalas mediators, last week may have been the calm before the storm, but the storm is well and truly with us this week. The universe is really throwing it all at us as Mercury enters retrograde on Tuesday the 30th, we have a New Moon on the 1st September and an Annual Solar Eclipse on the 1st as well.

The energy of the New Moon always provides us with a space to wipe the slate clean from the previous month and start a new, it is a time for renewal and rebirth. This renewal energy is being amplified 3 fold as the solar eclipse and mercury retrograde are both working to create a potent time to seed something new in our lives.

If you are having trouble letting go of the past or staying in situations you know are overdue to be released, now is the time to say goodbye on your terms before the universe steps in to do it for you. In a solar eclipse the lunar energy is particularly strong as it seeks to block out the suns influence. Mercury retrograde will bring its usual disturbances, but it is also creating a space for serious realignment, renewal and re-prioritization. This really is a time to look forward and to start laying the foundations to help you manifest the life you want to be living.
As we have said before during these times of tumultuous cosmic energy influences, always remember that HUMAN WILL and the MIND is stronger than any astrological force or influence. You are the master of your own mind and destiny. Use the opportunity of the perceived madness around you to demonstrate the growth you have been working so hard to achieve through your practices and rise above it.


ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 24th August

24th August Astrological Reading

The week after a full moon can produce an energy lull and leave us feeling like we just don't want to even get out of bed! Lethargy, depression and impatience can leave us feeling immobilized and like it's all just too much to face the world. Listen to what your body is telling you and make sure you take the time to truly assess what is going on internally. If you need to take a break do so, but also be conscious of when it is just your limitations coming up to be worked through.  
This week should be used as a period to regain our strength and regather our intentions for the remainder of the month. Mercury goes into retrograde next week on the 30th August and we will speak more about this next week; but take the opportunity of this week as a period of solace and reflection before it all kicks back into gear again.


ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 17th August

Week of 15th August Astrological Reading

This week we are celebrating and individually working with the energy of the Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday August 18th. This Full Moon also coincides with a minor lunar eclipse (however it will cast no shadow over the moons face).
Under the influence of this full moon we may be struck by the desire to come together with loved ones, this is a time for relationships and fertilisation. The usual loner Leo is balanced out by Aquarius's need to be one of the team. Surround yourself with loved ones this week, solidify new relationships and breath new life into old ones.

Be open to those who unexpectedly reach out to you, everything that happens under the influence of the full moon is occurring for a reason. There are lessons to be learned at this time as the moon brings new insights into your life and relationships.



Mantras by definition (“man” which means mind and “tra” which means transport) can be used to alter one’s state of consciousness and when chanted repeatedly can shift, transform and manifest any number of circumstances depending on the intention of the mantra.

Mantras can be used as a powerful tool to enter deep states of meditation as they transport the mind. This can be particularly effective for those who are new to the practice of meditation as the mind finds it difficult to still itself, free from the stimulus of everyday life. Chanting a simple mantra such as OM MANI PADME HUM can help the mind to focus and more easily let go of one’s current reality.

The recitation of mantras can also change your reality through the power of their energetic and auditory vibrations. In times of stress and anxiety reciting a divine mantra can assist you in surrendering to the universe and help you to let go of circumstances that are beyond your control. They can diffuse negative emotions through the energetic impact of their vibrations. The more energy put into the mantras the greater the influence they can have.     

Om Mani Padme Hum

Tibetan Buddhists believe that saying the mantra (prayer) Om Mani Padme Hum, invokes the Buddha of compassion Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig). Mantras are powerful words believed to awaken latent spiritual forces in the body. Om Mani Padme Hum means “Hail! To The Jewel in the Lotus” It refers to conscious knowledge of the existence of the jewel – the Divine Spark – in the human heart.

Viewing the written form of the mantra is said to have the same effect.

OM -pure body-                  Is said to purify: bliss, pride

MANE -jewel-                      Is said to purify: jealousy, passion, desire

PADME -wisdom-               Is said to purify: prejudice, poverty, possessiveness

HUM -unity-                        Is said to purify: aggression, hatred



Mantras can empower and awaken your body, mind and spirit and have been used for over 3000 years. They can be found across almost every major religion from Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and can even be equated to the recitation of prayers in Christianity. The most common mantra that people encounter is the single syllable of OM which some may argue is the most important mantra of them all. The eternal OM is said to represent all of existence, the past, the present and the future, all held within this one sound. Some schools of thought even attribute OM to the origin of the Christian "Amen".

We all lead busy lives and can understandably at times loose track of our spiritual practices. Getting into the habit of reciting mantras is a great way to stay connected to your spirituality and integrate it into your daily life. Like any activity, we must practice until it becomes second nature to us; if you have a set back during your day make your reflex to go into reciting a mantra instead of dwelling on the issue and feeding the problem negativity. Use a mantra to transmute the negative charge around the perceived set back and move on.

Do you have a favourite Mantra? Let us know in the comments.


ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 10th August

Week of 8th August Astrological Reading

Many of us struggle with communication at the best of times, whether that be suppressing our thoughts and feelings and not communicating altogether or just not understanding how we truly feel and therefore communicating our emotions ineffectively. Unfortunately during the next week or so this weakness will be exacerbated as our ability to communicate is being directly affected by the planetary retrogrades currently in transit.
We may be struck by bouts of chaotic emotional swings and irrational thought processes that see us quick to temper and sway us to make impulsive decisions. This illogical thinking is directly effecting our communication as one is not 'thinking clearly' and therefore is not communicating ones true emotions and desires. It is therefore paramount that you not make big decisions at this time that you may come to regret when everything evens itself out.

The bright light of this week is that Saturn is leaving its retrograde period on the 13th August. This transit may have caused you to feel like you were off track and filled with self doubt, but as this planet returns to its forward flow we can look forward to not feeling so much like the world is against us.


ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 3rd August 2016

Week of 1st August Astrological Reading

Often at the beginning of a New Moon transit we speak of the renewable magic that this cycle can bring to our lives. And whilst the energy of the New Moon does support us to create new beginnings, it is ultimately up to us to forge these new pathways for ourselves. We alone are responsible for creating the reality we want to live in, to act on the opportunities that are presented to us, and use the energy of the New Moon to support us to do that.
We can use the new moon in Leo to our advantage by preparing our intentions and listening to the signs that come our way during the transit. Open our awareness to the serendipitous signs that the universe is sending us and act upon them in the knowledge that you are being supported and guided by spirit to take control of your journey. If you are feeling unsupported or alone, feel safe in the knowledge that spirit is always with you and open your eyes to the signs that are guiding you daily.

A new moon in Leo sees us searching for safety and stability but this sign also ignites within us the fire of creativity, not just in the traditional artistic sense but in the shaping of our dreams and desires. Be creative in your aspirations for life and don't allow your fears and the need for security to limit your potential. Try and see past your self imposed limitations and doubts and allow your passion to surge you forward with the unlimited potential of a New Moon in Leo.