ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 4th December 2016


This Week's Astrological Reading

Fear has the power to debilitate you but it can also be the greatest motivator. As the new moon brought with it new beginnings we were propelled by a momentum for change, filled with optimism and hope. Once that momentum begins to stabilise, we can enter into a period of fear and doubt as we now have to put our ideas and new beginnings into practice. Moving out of our heads and into reality. The teething process that accompanies any new project will bring obstacles and can make us forget the reasons why we wanted to start in the beginning. But don't loose sight or hope!
We are not just referring to new jobs or ventures, this applies to knew states of being, thought processes and behaviours. When we consciously decide to make changes in any aspect of our life, that is a new beginning.
Mercury entered into the sign of Capricorn on the 2nd of December and will stay there until early January. This is significant as this transit brings methodical thinking, focus and practicality. Remove your emotions from the equation, because they are what feed the uncertainty and fear. You have made your decisions so stop second guessing and find solutions to your obstacles so you can continue to move forward. We are able at this time to see what is relevant and of real importance for us and we can focus on the steps that will move us forward rather then the fear that is holding us back.

As we said last week, many of us find excuses to not move forward by focusing on the details, we get wrapped up in over analysing the best way to move forward that we end up standing still! Don't confuse procrastination with preparation, as we move closer to the end of the year it becomes easier for us to say that we will wait to the new year to start. But don't let what is best for you be overridden by others and their needs at this time.
Your own growth must be a priority, so take the time whenever you can to give back to yourself and focus on your own plans.