ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 12th March 2017

This Week's Astrological Reading

This week the Moon will run us through a full gambit of emotions and influences, starting with a celebration of the Full Moon in Virgo. Virgo represents feminine warrior energy, strength and inner power. This lunar transit is providing you an opportunity to harness this strength and awaken your inner warrior to help you fulfill your dreams and desires. We can truly achieve this by practicing self-love, showing love towards those who are close to you and putting love and effort into the plans for your future. When you can find strength from within, there is no limit to what you are capable of achieving. Let Mondays full moon in Virgo support you to connect with your own spiritual power and the divine feminine energy that has radiated all week.

Over the next few days the moon moves through Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius! The Libra moon craves balance, levelheadedness and diplomacy. This moon transit favors peace and will come as a nice respite before the Scorpio moon later in the week. We often speak of a Scorpio moon with an edge of wariness, almost like that of a mercury retrograde. This is because Scorpio moons tend to bring a level of intensity rarely seen in other transits. Be prepared to feel an intensity or amplification of whatever emotions you may experience from the 15th-18th March. This can manifest as an extreme level of sensitivity, similar to what we spoke of last week, in regards to taking everything personally and as a direct slight against you as an individual. A Scorpio moon has us feeling everything on a deeply personal level.

We round out the week on an optimistic and positive note as the moon in Sagittarius sees the week out. We are supported to shake it all off and get out of the mental plane. Don't over think things and get hung up on the little details. There will be plenty of time for that, so take this opportunity sent from the heavens to stop worrying and give yourself a break!
It may seem we are in for a manic week of highs and lows. But we suggest you take it as the blessing it is, because weeks like this remind us how quick the tide can turn. When life is at its best, make the most out of it and when things seem their darkest, light can be just around the corner.



ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 26th February 2017

This Week's Astrological Reading

The energy of yesterdays incredible New Moon and Solar Eclipse will stay with us this whole week. As always we feel the effects of a lunar transit 3 days prior and post the event and this is amplified with eclipse energy.
The Piscean Eclipse is all about new beginnings and in conjunction with a new moon, it means big changes coming our way. This solar/ lunar event is opening a doorway for the next 6 months, during which time you may discover a new "calling" in life.  This could manifest itself in any number of ways; whether that be a new job or career path, a new place to call home. Or even a completely new world view, a fundamental change in your personality and make up.

So, we can't emphasise enough how opportune the moment is right now to lay the foundations for the next 6 months of your life. The universe and cosmos are working directly in your favour to assist you in this process. Major developments in the personal areas ruled by Pisces are likely to occur over the course of the next 3-6 months. As such it is important that your vision on how these developments unfold is clear. You don't want to waste the opportunity given to you during this period. We are also more acutely aware of the imperfection and flaws in our lives at this time. So whilst it might be painful to confront these issues we are able to see clearly what is not working for us.  

It would be extremely beneficial for you to sit down and make a plan on what you want to manifest in your life during this period and how you can make that happen. In particular stay open and receptive to your dreams and any messages that may come through for you during meditation. You may find it useful to keep a dream journal to record your insights. Our intuition and inspiration are heightened right now so stay open to the messages from the universe and your higher self that come through.   


ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 5th February 2017


This Week's Astrological Reading

This week we will experience the intense lunar energy of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Saturday the 11th February. A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align in an almost straight line. When this happens, the Earth blocks some of the Sun's light from directly reaching the Moon's surface, and covers a part of the Moon with the outer part of its shadow, also known as the penumbra.
Full Moon lunar eclipses emanate a particularly potent lunar energy and can send many of us into unstable emotional states or "crisis mode".  

This crisis mode is primarily directed towards uncertainty and fear around feelings of fulfillment. This can range from worries around our direction in life and not feeling as though we are fulfilling our true potential in our careers. To our relationships and not feeling supported and emotionally fulfilled by our loved ones. We are driven by the realisation that we are lacking in areas of our life and a desire to fulfill these.
It is important that we not focus on the negative aspects of these realisations as they come to the surface. Instead, we should try to see them as opportunities for growth and change. Let this energy spurn you forward and motivate you to seek what you feel is missing from your life and put steps in place to make them happen.

As with all Full Moons the illumination of our lives by its bright light strips our souls bare. Its light creeps into all the dark corners of our consciousness, seeking to expose that which we have tried to keep hidden. These hidden truths are looking to break free during this lunar event and confront us. We cannot ignore them any longer.

Eclipses are powerful change motivators and they support us to move forward as the light of the full moon illuminates the path forward for us. There is nothing to be feared in change. By the time we are ready to make progress, our sub-conscious and higher self have already been preparing you to do so for longer then you have been aware. We realise during a transit such as this, that we have been ready to move forward for some time. We have just been waiting for a push to help us take that leap of faith. Wearing or keeping a piece of calcite crystal during times of change can assist you to make transitions with ease and assist you with the challenges associated with moving forward.   
Everything moves so quickly these days, so just remember that soon you will look back on where you were and marvel at what how you could have been so afraid to take that step onward.



ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 29th January 2017

This Week's Astrological Reading

As it is said 'the times they are a-changin' and as the winds of change are blowing through our lives this week, we must decide how we are going to weather the storm. Will you allow yourself to be carried forward into brave new territory or let fear root you to the ground and potentially break you. This week brings with it a first quarter moon and it is said that feelings of crisis and change surround every first quarter moon phase. Whether it be an event or confrontation you knew would inevitably present itself, has finally occurred to be dealt with. Or an unexpected obstacle that you are confronted with in your career, personal life or relationships, the energy this week calls for you to meet it head on. Procrastination will be to your detriment, it is time to make some serious decisions as we are compelled to take action.

With the Moon entering the sign of Aries today (staying there until the 2nd) in conjunction with the Sun in Aquarius, we have the opportunity to make accelerated or progressive change. This can create a desire to break free of any restrictions we may be feeling and start brand new.

However, some of us may be experiencing fear and resistance to change as there is much uncertainty in the collective consciousness right now, due to current world events.  This accumulation of thoughts, fears and emotions in the ethers can trigger our own unconscious and suppressed fears. It is very important at this time to remain grounded, positive and be aware of our thoughts and feelings. Try not to feed your fears by dwelling on them, if you feel you are able to look at why you are feelingthe way you are, do so! Acknowledge them, release them into the light and move on. Lastly take some time to set your intent to send some positive energy and love out into the universe, to help try and lift the vibration of the planet right now.  


ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 22nd January 2017


This Week's Astrological Reading

On Saturday 28th at 11:07am Sydney time we will have our first New Moon of 2017. This lunar event will see us saturated in the energy of Aquarius as the Moon joins the Sun in the water sign. All month we have been focusing our intent on discerning what our plans and desires for 2017 are. Now is the time to implement them. In particular the sign of Aquarius extends its influence towards innovation and progressive changes with a strong focus on the group and social connection. Goals for the future and new ideas are very important to us at this time and we are open to new methods of doing things as we have our eye on the future.

We can see this mentality playing out all over the world just this past weekend, as hundreds of thousands of people came together in solidarity to protest gender inequality, discrimination and human rights issues. Our focus during this transit should be on how we can put into action the changes that we want to see not only in our own personal lives but in our family units, communities and workplaces. As we said last week we are responsible for the shape of our lives and destiny. It is through our actions and choices that we create our reality.

Aquarius promotes radical thinking and you may feel compelled to try something new, follow your intuition during this transit and don't let self doubt that is propelled by lack of self worth to hold you back. Breaking free of the norm is increasingly appealing to us this week, however that takes form in your life. Throw out your routine (within reason ;) ) this week and do something that ignites your passion and soul. Get up early and watch the sunrise or take a moonlit walk on the beach, leave work early (or on time for once) and go do an activity that makes you happy. Be sociable and feel the wonderful energy that connecting with other human beings in a genuine encounter can bring.


ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 15th January 2017

This Week's Astrological Reading

The Moon is currently transiting Virgo which can leave us feeling restless with the desire to move forward. In order to do so we are required to push through our limitations, step outside of our comfort zone and get things done. We may feel the need to tie up loose ends and get our affairs in order, as now is the perfect time to be working towards long-term goals.

The wane of the moon, in its final phase before it becomes new once again, gives us the opportunity to gain clarity, set our intentions and say our goodbyes before we enter a new cycle on the 28th of January. They say that the wane of the moon marks our psychological descent into unconsciousness. What this really means for us, is that, if we are open to it we can rely more upon our instincts and intuition as we are in closer connection with our higher-self.  
It is our fears, doubts and issues around self worth that prevent us from pursuing and fulfilling our true desires and goals. When we can tap in more to our intuition and higher-self, we can eliminate the obstacles of the self that keep us from moving forward. Confronting our fears, is by no means an easy task, but it is really fear of the unknown that really scares us. When we can identify what we are afraid of (be that judgement, failure, success) and recognise that we are not in control of others thoughts or actions, only our own, we can actively work to put those fears aside and forge ahead!

We are in control of our own destiny, the captain of our own ship and responsible for the shape of our lives.


ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 8th January 2017

This Week's Astrological Reading

Blessings all and welcome to 2017!
At the beginning of the New Year we are prompted to set ourselves goals and make resolutions that will help us shape our vision for the upcoming 12 months. Every month we put a lot of emphasis on cycles, particularly those which are influenced by the phases of the moon. We speak of new beginnings, letting go and completion and the new year for many of us signals the start of an entirely new cycle. What is really important about this time is to utilise the momentum and motivation that we feel to put the changes we envision for ourselves into action!
As we settle back into the swing of things it is important that we try to maintain this momentum and follow through with the goals we were so passionate about only a week ago. If we can keep pushing forward we will well and truly be rewarded in the long run as we start to see our resolutions become reality.

The cosmos, planets, spirit and the universe are all here to support us (and what feels, at times, hinder us) in shaping our lives into what we want them to be. However what really creates lasting and true change is our own will and work. We are all blessed by the universe but it is our actions and thoughts that create our reality and we are responsible for how that reality looks. That is why it is so important to make time for your spiritual practices and work on yourself internally, so that you have the tools to help you through both the good times and the bad.

This week we have a Full Moon in Cancer on Thursday the 12th January. This Moon in Cancer is in direct opposition to the Sun in Capricorn and could not be more relevant for us right now as we are in the process of re-organizing our lives and priorities. Cancer represents our private lives, relationships the nurturing side of our self and Capricorn is our public life, career, ambition and reputation. This Full Moon encourages us to find the balance between these two forces, as the sun and moon hold the polarities of these aspects within us.

Take the time this week and join us for Cosmic Merkaba Meditation to reflect on these opposing desires and how you can bring them into balance in your own life. The Full Moon ritual is also a great opportunity to let go of all that no longer serves you in 2017 and look to the bright future in the illumination of a Full Moon.


ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 18th December

This Week's Astrological Reading

This week in the lead up to Christmas, we are all looking for some relief from the madness that this time of year can bring. Unfortunately there is none to be found among the planets as we will experience a number of significant transits over the next 7 days. Monday the 19th see's us enter into a Mercury retrograde and it will continue its reverse transit through the New Year. This week also brings the southern hemisphere its Summer Solstice on the 21st and that day also marks the sun's move from Sagittarius to Capricorn.
Mercury will resume its correct direction on January 8th and as with all Mercury retrogrades, we can expect to experience a few upheavals, obstacles and failings during this period. Mercury influences our mental chemistry and when it is in retrograde it can create havoc in our communication, technology and day to day life.   

We are fortunate that it is occurring at a time when we should traditionally be taking a break from work and relaxing, as retrograde transits are best for rest, contemplation and letting go. As it can have devastating effects on our communication, it would be wise to be mindful of our thoughts and actions over the holiday period when tempers and stress are already running high for so many of us!
This is a good time to look inwards, to re-evaluate our direction, path and desires, it is a time for self reflection and contemplation. As we send off another year and enter a new cycle in our lives, this transit provides us with an opportunity to discover what we would like to take with us into 2017, leave behind in 2016 and create new for the future.

The suns shift into the house of Capricorn on the 21st, this transit further supports this inclination to plan for the future. Capricorn influences us to plan ahead and achieve long term goals. It focuses on results and structure, this mentality can be extremely beneficial at the starting of a new cycle as it help us to implement our plans with a clear mind and focus.

And lastly on Wednesday we will feel the magic that a solstice brings into our lives. The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, and the word solstice originates from the Latin word solstitium', meaning 'sun standing still'. The ancients believed that the time of the solstice was one in which the sun stopped for three days, and is regarded to be a very auspicious and energetically potent time. Many believe that during a solstice the veils between the dimensions and the higher powers are at their thinnest, meaning it is a time where all things are touched by the hand of the creator or by divine energies.



ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 11th December 2016

This Week's Astrological Reading

All lunar events have an impact on our psyche, but never is this more true than with a Full Moon. The Full Moon this week occurs on the 14th and is the last of the Supermoon trifecta this year, it is amplifying the polarity aspects of our internal nature through its opposition to the Sun.  As such it can leave us feeling like our emotions are bubbling right below the surface, ready to overflow. This months moon is in Gemini, which is at exact opposition to the sun in Sagittarius. This can create internal conflict as these two opposing forces are battling within us. It is an emotional time, one in which we feel overcome with the need to express ourselves.

However be sure that you are mindful of what is spilling out, as when we feel this overwhelming urge to break open the floodgates, we sometimes forget to include a filter, which can lead to more damage. The thoughts and feelings that this full, Supermoon are bringing to the surface within us, are driven by emotions and it may seem like we have checked our rational brain at the door.

All is illuminated in the bright reflection of a full moon and with such opposing forces in the sky influencing us this week, you can expect any unresolved, emotions, issues and circumstances to come to a head as you energetically attempt to seek resolution and balance. Remember that we are all affected by these lunar transits and those in your life will be feeling the same push to express themselves and seek resolution to their own unresolved emotions. Try and practice patience and understanding at these times, because most people will not be aware of the current transit influences on their behaviour. It will help in diffusing any conflicts that may arise as they also try to express themselves at this time.

It can be beneficial to take a moment for yourself and be truly self reflective for the next couple of days. Look at what is coming up for you at this time and seek to find resolution to these emotions within yourself and therefore not need to create conflict with others in your attempt to find emotional equilibrium again. We begin to truly master within ourselves when we can acknowledge and process our emotions on our own terms in the moment and not as a result of a conflict or altercation.


ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 4th December 2016


This Week's Astrological Reading

Fear has the power to debilitate you but it can also be the greatest motivator. As the new moon brought with it new beginnings we were propelled by a momentum for change, filled with optimism and hope. Once that momentum begins to stabilise, we can enter into a period of fear and doubt as we now have to put our ideas and new beginnings into practice. Moving out of our heads and into reality. The teething process that accompanies any new project will bring obstacles and can make us forget the reasons why we wanted to start in the beginning. But don't loose sight or hope!
We are not just referring to new jobs or ventures, this applies to knew states of being, thought processes and behaviours. When we consciously decide to make changes in any aspect of our life, that is a new beginning.
Mercury entered into the sign of Capricorn on the 2nd of December and will stay there until early January. This is significant as this transit brings methodical thinking, focus and practicality. Remove your emotions from the equation, because they are what feed the uncertainty and fear. You have made your decisions so stop second guessing and find solutions to your obstacles so you can continue to move forward. We are able at this time to see what is relevant and of real importance for us and we can focus on the steps that will move us forward rather then the fear that is holding us back.

As we said last week, many of us find excuses to not move forward by focusing on the details, we get wrapped up in over analysing the best way to move forward that we end up standing still! Don't confuse procrastination with preparation, as we move closer to the end of the year it becomes easier for us to say that we will wait to the new year to start. But don't let what is best for you be overridden by others and their needs at this time.
Your own growth must be a priority, so take the time whenever you can to give back to yourself and focus on your own plans.     




ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 27th November 2016


This Week's Astrological Reading

This months New Moon falls on Tuesday 29th November at 11:18pm ADST in the sign of Sagittarius. It's double Sagittarius energy this month as both the Sun and the Moon are situated in this sign. As we touched on last week now is the time to put those plans into action that you have been formulating over the past week since the Supermoon. Hopefully you were able to tie up any of those loose ends that were lingering last week and can start fresh, leaving the past exactly where it should the past!  

Sagittarius brings with it optimism, enthusiasm, adventure, honesty and independence, which are all qualities we should be trying to tap into when entering a New Moon phase. As they say you should always start a project the way you would like it to continue and a bit of faith, openness and positivity can go a long way. This planetary / lunar transit encourages you to think or rather DREAM big and look at the bigger picture.

Don't allow yourself to be bogged down by the details right now. Many of us find excuses to not move forward by focusing on the details, we get wrapped up in over analysing the best way to move forward that we end up standing still! Don't confuse procrastination with preparation, you always know when your not being honest with yourself and take that opportunity to look at why you are holding yourself back?
What are you afraid of that is causing you to self-sabotage? If there is validity to your concerns, that take a pause and work through them, if you realise that it just because your afraid of change then its time to break through.

This is the 2nd last New Moon of the year, December 29th holds the last New Moon lunar transit. Don't allow another month to go by before you start a new cycle in your life. Because before you know it, it will be a New Year!     


ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 20th November 2016

This Week's Astrological Reading

We can all get swept up in the momentum of change, especially when it is instigated by a massive lunar force like last weeks Supermoon. But as our drive starts to wane like the moon in its last quarter, it is important to stay committed to the changes you have set in place when you felt supported by the moons energy to do so. Almost like a lunar hangover, we start second guess and question the realisations we have over the past week as it is easier to settle back into our comfort zone. But once you have seen and felt the truth you cannot truly go back into denial.

It is now full speed ahead as this week you should spend time fully accepting the realisations you have made and thinking about how they influence and change your life. Next weeks New Moon is the time to put these changes into practice, as we know the power of a New Moon is one of beginnings and new cycles and can support you energetically to take those leaps of faith. This is a week of planning and a time to tie up loose plans before you enter your new cycle ready to take action. 

This week also sees a shift in the Sun from Scorpio to Sagittarius, which sees us move out of the need to fulfil our internal desire body into a focus on the bigger picture and our whole world view. This will further support us as we seek to make enduring long term changes in our lives backed by Sagittarius rather then short term selfish changes driven by Scorpio. Now is the time to be brave, thoughtful, optimistic and curious in our lives. To take the leaps of faith in the belief that in the long run they will pay off and take us in the right direction. 



This Week's Astrological Reading

It's finally here! The November supermoon is upon us and I am sure you're all feeling the effects of this Lunar event already. It seems as though everyone is very aware of this months moon transit and for good reason! Tuesday mornings full moon in Taurus is classed as a supermoon and will reach its peak at 12:52am Sydney time, however it's energetic influence will impact us for the 3 days prior and post the event.
This moon is of particular significance as it will appear as the biggest and brightest moon to grace our skies in over 70 years and will not appear again as such, until 2034! So now for the really important information, what does this mean for us energetically?

Get ready for a big dose of reality as any illusion around you starts to come crashing down. Whether it be self created misconceptions or truths hidden from you by those close to you, the full force of this supermoon is here to illuminate them all. As with any lunar occurrence, you can expect to feel a high degree of hypersensitivity, emotional turmoil and generally a lack of rational thinking and emotional stability, we are in for a big few days.

It is never more important than during these circumstances to be conscientious of your words, actions and thoughts. It is in these periods of struggle that we are gifted with the greatest opportunities for growth and provided with learning curves that can reshape us entirely.
The energy of this full moon creates a time ripe with potential and possibilities, to enact great changes in our lives and our relationships. It is a time to take stock and ask yourself who do you want to be going forward? Will you give in to the feelings of anxiety and unrest brought up by the moon or will you seek to master your emotions, confront your true self and move forward!

Whilst it would be unwise to give into your more irrational thoughts over the next few days, do be kind to yourself. Find ways to nurture yourself by taking time to meditate, have a purifying bath or spend time relaxing with loved ones. These practices will help ease feelings of emotional instability as love (self love and love for others) can transmute even the darkest of moods.



ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 30th October 2016

This Week's Astrological Reading

As we discussed last week, the current planetary influences are creating an opportunity for us to gain internal insight through self reflection and exploration. Whilst the aim of this process is to achieve positive personal growth, it unfortunately in many cases cannot be attained without the pain or discomfort that accompanies true self reflection.

It is only through the confrontation of our core wounding and fears that we are able to self master and relinquish the power that they have over our lives. This can be an incredibly painful process to go through as we potentially face circumstances that scare us the most. But as they say, the greater the hardship, the sweeter the reward.
These are the issues that make us feel most out of control but as we have a New Moon in Scorpio on the 30th October, Scorpio Moons are known for bringing with them a favorable time to work on our self mastery skills.

Prepare yourself to harness the energy of the New Moon to make some significant changes in your life. Try and see the hardships that you may be going through, for how they can really be positives for you going forward. Trust your instincts and intuition at this time, even if you have others telling you the opposite. If you are being in truth with yourself, you know what is best for you.
Do not let yourself be driven by your insecurities or make decisions based on your fears as choices you make at this time can have long standing consequences.



ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation Week of 24th October 2016

26th October Astrological Reading

There will be an intensity to our thoughts, motivations and communication over the next few weeks, as we find ourselves seeking answers and insights into our own souls. The planetary astrology this week brings with it the opportunity to reveal an epiphany around an issue or circumstance that has been eluding you. Make the most of this occasion and direct you energy into finding the answers you have been seeking.

Your thoughts can be profound at this time, so don't waste them by dwelling on what is not important and leaking your mental energy to others through surrogation or even gossip. As the energy surrounding us at this time brings with it the mental clarity we have been desiring, be mindful not to project outward the insights that you have been making. Unless you feel like they could positively assist someone in their own process, you would do better to keep these realisations to yourself. Every time you share your personal observations, you could be diminishing their value to you as they become entangled with your ego self. Be careful not to overshare and lose the opportunity you have been given to get to know yourself a little bit better.

This Sunday the 30th October will also bring with it a new moon in Scorpio, the energies that surround Scorpio are passionate, resourceful, focused, probing, deep and perceptive. All traits that further support our need at this time to look inwards. As Scorpio supports us to dig deeper into ourselves and the circumstances that surround us, the New Moon is the perfect opportunity to take the realisations we make at this time and set us on a fresh path moving forward.


ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 31st August 2016

Week of 29th August Astrological Reading

Hold on to your mandalas mediators, last week may have been the calm before the storm, but the storm is well and truly with us this week. The universe is really throwing it all at us as Mercury enters retrograde on Tuesday the 30th, we have a New Moon on the 1st September and an Annual Solar Eclipse on the 1st as well.

The energy of the New Moon always provides us with a space to wipe the slate clean from the previous month and start a new, it is a time for renewal and rebirth. This renewal energy is being amplified 3 fold as the solar eclipse and mercury retrograde are both working to create a potent time to seed something new in our lives.

If you are having trouble letting go of the past or staying in situations you know are overdue to be released, now is the time to say goodbye on your terms before the universe steps in to do it for you. In a solar eclipse the lunar energy is particularly strong as it seeks to block out the suns influence. Mercury retrograde will bring its usual disturbances, but it is also creating a space for serious realignment, renewal and re-prioritization. This really is a time to look forward and to start laying the foundations to help you manifest the life you want to be living.
As we have said before during these times of tumultuous cosmic energy influences, always remember that HUMAN WILL and the MIND is stronger than any astrological force or influence. You are the master of your own mind and destiny. Use the opportunity of the perceived madness around you to demonstrate the growth you have been working so hard to achieve through your practices and rise above it.


ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 24th August

24th August Astrological Reading

The week after a full moon can produce an energy lull and leave us feeling like we just don't want to even get out of bed! Lethargy, depression and impatience can leave us feeling immobilized and like it's all just too much to face the world. Listen to what your body is telling you and make sure you take the time to truly assess what is going on internally. If you need to take a break do so, but also be conscious of when it is just your limitations coming up to be worked through.  
This week should be used as a period to regain our strength and regather our intentions for the remainder of the month. Mercury goes into retrograde next week on the 30th August and we will speak more about this next week; but take the opportunity of this week as a period of solace and reflection before it all kicks back into gear again.


ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 17th August

Week of 15th August Astrological Reading

This week we are celebrating and individually working with the energy of the Full Moon in Aquarius on Thursday August 18th. This Full Moon also coincides with a minor lunar eclipse (however it will cast no shadow over the moons face).
Under the influence of this full moon we may be struck by the desire to come together with loved ones, this is a time for relationships and fertilisation. The usual loner Leo is balanced out by Aquarius's need to be one of the team. Surround yourself with loved ones this week, solidify new relationships and breath new life into old ones.

Be open to those who unexpectedly reach out to you, everything that happens under the influence of the full moon is occurring for a reason. There are lessons to be learned at this time as the moon brings new insights into your life and relationships.


ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 10th August

Week of 8th August Astrological Reading

Many of us struggle with communication at the best of times, whether that be suppressing our thoughts and feelings and not communicating altogether or just not understanding how we truly feel and therefore communicating our emotions ineffectively. Unfortunately during the next week or so this weakness will be exacerbated as our ability to communicate is being directly affected by the planetary retrogrades currently in transit.
We may be struck by bouts of chaotic emotional swings and irrational thought processes that see us quick to temper and sway us to make impulsive decisions. This illogical thinking is directly effecting our communication as one is not 'thinking clearly' and therefore is not communicating ones true emotions and desires. It is therefore paramount that you not make big decisions at this time that you may come to regret when everything evens itself out.

The bright light of this week is that Saturn is leaving its retrograde period on the 13th August. This transit may have caused you to feel like you were off track and filled with self doubt, but as this planet returns to its forward flow we can look forward to not feeling so much like the world is against us.