ASTROLOGLY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 29th June 2016

29th June Astrological Reading

Many of us are presently feeling deeply unsettled, as if the universe is off balance and this feeling is being reflected in our current emotional state. Uncertainty, doubt and fear from the collective consciousness is impacting us at this time as ongoing political events are creating a surge of anxiety across the planet.

Whilst we may not be directly feeling the effects of these changes yet (or if we ever will), when major events occur that create feelings of fear and confusion in the collective consciousness this triggers suppressed fears in our unconscious minds to manifest within us. This is especially apparent at this time because of the heightened dream states we are experiencing as a result of the Neptune retrograde we have previously discussed.

You could be feeling drained and tired from tumultuous dreams as your subconscious is attempting to filter and process the release of these fears in your conscious mind. This lack of energy has also been aggravated by the Mars retrograde transit, when Mars is retrograde, you may not have the energy levels that are normally yours. This will hopefully lessen as we see Mars return to its usual course on Wednesday 29th June and we can begin to rebuild our energy reserves.
What is most important is that we do not feed negativity to the collective conscious through our own fears and that we send love and light to the universe. Transmuting any negative thoughts if they come up.      

Join us on Wednesday night in person or absentee and take the opportunity to meditate and clear any subconsious fears that are currently unsettling our emotional state.