ASTOLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 20th July 2016

20th July Astrological Reading

On Tuesday 19th July at 8.57am local Sydney time we will experience the Full Moon in Capricorn. This week Cosmic Merkaba Meditation will be focusing it's intentions on harnessing the abundant Lunar energy to help heal the negative or shadow sides of our personalities and emotions that Full Moons can bring to the surface.

Full Moons expose us to the aspects that we keep hidden and refuse to acknowledge about ourselves. This month it takes shape through the lens of a Full Moon in Capricorn and overarching sign of Cancer. Issues that may reveal themselves internally could be situated around emotional immaturity and emotional denial, resentment and self indulgence which are all aspects of the shadow side of Cancer. Capricorns opposition avoids taking responsibility and resists accepting consequences.

These attitudes and behaviors that can lie within all of us and result in self sabotage, keeping us stuck from achieving the personal growth that we work so hard for. If we cannot take personal responsibility and acknowledge that sometimes there is nothing holding us back then our own limitations then we can never truly move forward. As it is commonly said we can be our own worst enemies.

Join us for Cosmic Merkaba Meditation this week and provide yourself with a dedicated moment and safe space to get in touch with those aspects of ourselves that we may not like and use the energies of the full moon to finally accept and transmute them, giving yourself the best chance to keep moving forward.