ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 6th July 2016

6th July Astrological Reading

Last week's Cosmic Merkaba Meditation reading focused on how many of us are presently feeling deeply unsettled.  These feelings of uncertainty, doubt and fear from the collective consciousness are being reflected in our current emotional state and are impacting us at this time. This week we can begin to feel a shift in these dynamics as we experience a New Moon in Cancer on Monday the 4th July.  

Along with the new beginnings and restart of the monthly cosmic cycle that a new moon heralds, this rebirth in Cancer manifests feelings of love, compassion and feelings of emotional stability which have been so sorely lacking over the past few weeks. Take advantage of the energies that Cancer provides and transform the fears that you have been experiencing through self love, creating a safe space for you to reflect and gain wisdom and insight.

Self Mastery can only be born from truly understanding ones self and this can only be achieved through honest self reflection, during times of doubt, fear and pain a much as times of success. Allow yourself to be open to the feelings of love that Cancer brings into your life and reflect them inwards as much as you express them out.