ASTROLOGY: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 6th April 2016

6th April Astrological Reading

Cosmic Merkaba Meditation this week will be focused on the New Moon on the 7th of April. Specifically the opportunity that this Lunar event provides us for New Beginnings as we begin to integrate all the energies and changes that occurred during the tumultuous month of March.
In the month of April we will start to experience a respite internally from the intense energetic shifts we have been undergoing and begin to feel the changes that we set out for ourselves during the eclipses of last month. Unfortunately we may not see this occurring in the world around us, as we look within and detach from the energies plays around us those who feel that disconnection can act out. 

The new moon in Aries on the 7th April encourages us to be open to the potential of this time no matter the internal restrictions that come up for us. Remember to embrace the changes, for when we surrender to our higher self and acknowledge that everything is in divine order, we experience the greatest spiritual growth.




Buddha is a title given to those who have reached a state of enlightenment. The term Buddha means ‘one who is awake’. The historical figure most associated with The Buddha, is known as Siddhartha Gautama in Nepal approximately 2,500 years ago. The Buddha did not claim to be a divinely inspired prophet, personal savior or a deity incarnate in flesh, but that of a teacher. The Supreme Teacher who reveals the path to enlightenment. The goal of this path in to achieve Nibbana, the perfect liberation of the mind from all constricting bonds and the consequent release from samsara, the round of repeated birth and death.  

The Buddha teaches us that awareness of impermanence and change is a primary element in turning the mind toward liberation. Because all things are impermanent, all personal faults can be transcended and all perfections achieved.

All component things are impermanent.

When One acquires realization of this truth, One naturally releases the bonds of unhappiness.

This is the way of purification and freedom.