ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 20th November 2016

This Week's Astrological Reading

We can all get swept up in the momentum of change, especially when it is instigated by a massive lunar force like last weeks Supermoon. But as our drive starts to wane like the moon in its last quarter, it is important to stay committed to the changes you have set in place when you felt supported by the moons energy to do so. Almost like a lunar hangover, we start second guess and question the realisations we have over the past week as it is easier to settle back into our comfort zone. But once you have seen and felt the truth you cannot truly go back into denial.

It is now full speed ahead as this week you should spend time fully accepting the realisations you have made and thinking about how they influence and change your life. Next weeks New Moon is the time to put these changes into practice, as we know the power of a New Moon is one of beginnings and new cycles and can support you energetically to take those leaps of faith. This is a week of planning and a time to tie up loose plans before you enter your new cycle ready to take action. 

This week also sees a shift in the Sun from Scorpio to Sagittarius, which sees us move out of the need to fulfil our internal desire body into a focus on the bigger picture and our whole world view. This will further support us as we seek to make enduring long term changes in our lives backed by Sagittarius rather then short term selfish changes driven by Scorpio. Now is the time to be brave, thoughtful, optimistic and curious in our lives. To take the leaps of faith in the belief that in the long run they will pay off and take us in the right direction.