ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 27th July 2016

Week of 25th July 2016 Astrology Reading

Over the last few weeks the astrological and planetary conditions have forced us to investigate illusion and confront the forged misconceptions we have created about ourselves. Driven by insecurity, and ego we have denied looking at our shadow sides for fear of seeing something we don't like. With the power of last weeks full moon in our corner, we took the opportunity to acknowledge these aspects of self in a state of acceptance and self love.

Cancer enabled us to get in touch with our emotions in a supported space but as we move on from this sign, many of us may begin to feel at odds with ourselves or almost like a stranger to your normal self. Feelings of isolation and separation may cause you to feel a-drift from yourself and loved ones.

As we transit into the house of Leo in conjunction with Uranus in Retrograde on the 29th July this separation from self can combine with feelings of rebellion as it reawakens any suppressed urges you may have towards structure and confinement in your life. This could manifest as dissatisfaction in your job, routines and relationships. It is important to not let the momentum of this retrograde and the passion and fire of Leo swing you to far out of balance, resulting in rash decisions.

The most powerful tool we have in response to these influences is self awareness. Strengthened by confronting your shadow self last week, don't be afraid to really look at yourself and the circumstances you are pulling into your life at the moment, and acknowledge when you are being irrational and swinging too far out of balance.