ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 3rd August 2016

Week of 1st August Astrological Reading

Often at the beginning of a New Moon transit we speak of the renewable magic that this cycle can bring to our lives. And whilst the energy of the New Moon does support us to create new beginnings, it is ultimately up to us to forge these new pathways for ourselves. We alone are responsible for creating the reality we want to live in, to act on the opportunities that are presented to us, and use the energy of the New Moon to support us to do that.
We can use the new moon in Leo to our advantage by preparing our intentions and listening to the signs that come our way during the transit. Open our awareness to the serendipitous signs that the universe is sending us and act upon them in the knowledge that you are being supported and guided by spirit to take control of your journey. If you are feeling unsupported or alone, feel safe in the knowledge that spirit is always with you and open your eyes to the signs that are guiding you daily.

A new moon in Leo sees us searching for safety and stability but this sign also ignites within us the fire of creativity, not just in the traditional artistic sense but in the shaping of our dreams and desires. Be creative in your aspirations for life and don't allow your fears and the need for security to limit your potential. Try and see past your self imposed limitations and doubts and allow your passion to surge you forward with the unlimited potential of a New Moon in Leo.