ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 15th January 2017

This Week's Astrological Reading

The Moon is currently transiting Virgo which can leave us feeling restless with the desire to move forward. In order to do so we are required to push through our limitations, step outside of our comfort zone and get things done. We may feel the need to tie up loose ends and get our affairs in order, as now is the perfect time to be working towards long-term goals.

The wane of the moon, in its final phase before it becomes new once again, gives us the opportunity to gain clarity, set our intentions and say our goodbyes before we enter a new cycle on the 28th of January. They say that the wane of the moon marks our psychological descent into unconsciousness. What this really means for us, is that, if we are open to it we can rely more upon our instincts and intuition as we are in closer connection with our higher-self.  
It is our fears, doubts and issues around self worth that prevent us from pursuing and fulfilling our true desires and goals. When we can tap in more to our intuition and higher-self, we can eliminate the obstacles of the self that keep us from moving forward. Confronting our fears, is by no means an easy task, but it is really fear of the unknown that really scares us. When we can identify what we are afraid of (be that judgement, failure, success) and recognise that we are not in control of others thoughts or actions, only our own, we can actively work to put those fears aside and forge ahead!

We are in control of our own destiny, the captain of our own ship and responsible for the shape of our lives.