ASTROLOGY READING: Week of 22nd January 2017


This Week's Astrological Reading

On Saturday 28th at 11:07am Sydney time we will have our first New Moon of 2017. This lunar event will see us saturated in the energy of Aquarius as the Moon joins the Sun in the water sign. All month we have been focusing our intent on discerning what our plans and desires for 2017 are. Now is the time to implement them. In particular the sign of Aquarius extends its influence towards innovation and progressive changes with a strong focus on the group and social connection. Goals for the future and new ideas are very important to us at this time and we are open to new methods of doing things as we have our eye on the future.

We can see this mentality playing out all over the world just this past weekend, as hundreds of thousands of people came together in solidarity to protest gender inequality, discrimination and human rights issues. Our focus during this transit should be on how we can put into action the changes that we want to see not only in our own personal lives but in our family units, communities and workplaces. As we said last week we are responsible for the shape of our lives and destiny. It is through our actions and choices that we create our reality.

Aquarius promotes radical thinking and you may feel compelled to try something new, follow your intuition during this transit and don't let self doubt that is propelled by lack of self worth to hold you back. Breaking free of the norm is increasingly appealing to us this week, however that takes form in your life. Throw out your routine (within reason ;) ) this week and do something that ignites your passion and soul. Get up early and watch the sunrise or take a moonlit walk on the beach, leave work early (or on time for once) and go do an activity that makes you happy. Be sociable and feel the wonderful energy that connecting with other human beings in a genuine encounter can bring.