The Sri Yantra also known as the Sri Chakra represents all the fundamental principals of Tantric philosophy. It is known as the best or supreme existing yantra and all other yantras derive from it.

A Yantra is the symbolic representation of the Mother Goddess. It is made up of ‘linear and spatial ‘geometrical permutations’ of the Goddess in the mandala. You find yantras in many sacred geometry works and the design of the Sri Chakra/ Yantra is nine interwoven triangles, four of which represent the male principle (Shiva) and five inverted triangles representing Shakti, the feminine principal. The nine triangles also represent nine basic elements or root substances (mula-prakritis) of the universe. In the human body they are represented as nine substances; five from Shakti – skin, blood, flesh, fat and bone. The four from Shiva are – semen, marrow, vital energy (prana) and the individual soul.  

The place of the mother goddess is represented by the dot or bindu in the centre of the design. The dot has four legs representing the deities responsible for the creation of all things.

Brahma – the creator is in the northeast.

Vishnu – the preserver is in the southeast.

Rudra – for withdrawal is in the southwest.

Sadasiva – for retention is in the northwest.

Surrounding this pattern are two concentric circles of lotus petals: the inner has 8 petals and the outer 16. The entire pattern is encased within a gated frame, called the “courtyard” or “earth stretch”.

An individuals spiritual journey or path to enlightenment from material existence to ultimate ascension and enlightenment is mapped through the sri yantra, the spiritual journey is undertaken as a pilgrimage each step or elevation is an ascent to the centre.

The Sri Yantra represents the totality of existence and can be used as a tool in meditation to contemplate the the path to enlightenment and the nature of the universe and existence.

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Mantras by definition (“man” which means mind and “tra” which means transport) can be used to alter one’s state of consciousness and when chanted repeatedly can shift, transform and manifest any number of circumstances depending on the intention of the mantra.

Mantras can be used as a powerful tool to enter deep states of meditation as they transport the mind. This can be particularly effective for those who are new to the practice of meditation as the mind finds it difficult to still itself, free from the stimulus of everyday life. Chanting a simple mantra such as OM MANI PADME HUM can help the mind to focus and more easily let go of one’s current reality.

The recitation of mantras can also change your reality through the power of their energetic and auditory vibrations. In times of stress and anxiety reciting a divine mantra can assist you in surrendering to the universe and help you to let go of circumstances that are beyond your control. They can diffuse negative emotions through the energetic impact of their vibrations. The more energy put into the mantras the greater the influence they can have.     

Om Mani Padme Hum

Tibetan Buddhists believe that saying the mantra (prayer) Om Mani Padme Hum, invokes the Buddha of compassion Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig). Mantras are powerful words believed to awaken latent spiritual forces in the body. Om Mani Padme Hum means “Hail! To The Jewel in the Lotus” It refers to conscious knowledge of the existence of the jewel – the Divine Spark – in the human heart.

Viewing the written form of the mantra is said to have the same effect.

OM -pure body-                  Is said to purify: bliss, pride

MANE -jewel-                      Is said to purify: jealousy, passion, desire

PADME -wisdom-               Is said to purify: prejudice, poverty, possessiveness

HUM -unity-                        Is said to purify: aggression, hatred



Mantras can empower and awaken your body, mind and spirit and have been used for over 3000 years. They can be found across almost every major religion from Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and can even be equated to the recitation of prayers in Christianity. The most common mantra that people encounter is the single syllable of OM which some may argue is the most important mantra of them all. The eternal OM is said to represent all of existence, the past, the present and the future, all held within this one sound. Some schools of thought even attribute OM to the origin of the Christian "Amen".

We all lead busy lives and can understandably at times loose track of our spiritual practices. Getting into the habit of reciting mantras is a great way to stay connected to your spirituality and integrate it into your daily life. Like any activity, we must practice until it becomes second nature to us; if you have a set back during your day make your reflex to go into reciting a mantra instead of dwelling on the issue and feeding the problem negativity. Use a mantra to transmute the negative charge around the perceived set back and move on.

Do you have a favourite Mantra? Let us know in the comments.


ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 10th August

Week of 8th August Astrological Reading

Many of us struggle with communication at the best of times, whether that be suppressing our thoughts and feelings and not communicating altogether or just not understanding how we truly feel and therefore communicating our emotions ineffectively. Unfortunately during the next week or so this weakness will be exacerbated as our ability to communicate is being directly affected by the planetary retrogrades currently in transit.
We may be struck by bouts of chaotic emotional swings and irrational thought processes that see us quick to temper and sway us to make impulsive decisions. This illogical thinking is directly effecting our communication as one is not 'thinking clearly' and therefore is not communicating ones true emotions and desires. It is therefore paramount that you not make big decisions at this time that you may come to regret when everything evens itself out.

The bright light of this week is that Saturn is leaving its retrograde period on the 13th August. This transit may have caused you to feel like you were off track and filled with self doubt, but as this planet returns to its forward flow we can look forward to not feeling so much like the world is against us.


ASTROLOGY READING: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 27th July 2016

Week of 25th July 2016 Astrology Reading

Over the last few weeks the astrological and planetary conditions have forced us to investigate illusion and confront the forged misconceptions we have created about ourselves. Driven by insecurity, and ego we have denied looking at our shadow sides for fear of seeing something we don't like. With the power of last weeks full moon in our corner, we took the opportunity to acknowledge these aspects of self in a state of acceptance and self love.

Cancer enabled us to get in touch with our emotions in a supported space but as we move on from this sign, many of us may begin to feel at odds with ourselves or almost like a stranger to your normal self. Feelings of isolation and separation may cause you to feel a-drift from yourself and loved ones.

As we transit into the house of Leo in conjunction with Uranus in Retrograde on the 29th July this separation from self can combine with feelings of rebellion as it reawakens any suppressed urges you may have towards structure and confinement in your life. This could manifest as dissatisfaction in your job, routines and relationships. It is important to not let the momentum of this retrograde and the passion and fire of Leo swing you to far out of balance, resulting in rash decisions.

The most powerful tool we have in response to these influences is self awareness. Strengthened by confronting your shadow self last week, don't be afraid to really look at yourself and the circumstances you are pulling into your life at the moment, and acknowledge when you are being irrational and swinging too far out of balance.


Cosmic Merkaba Meditation - Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremony

Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremony at Alchemical Magic

On the 13th July we hosted a Native American Medicine Wheel Ceremony at Alchemcial Magic. It was a fantastic night and the sold out event worked specifically with traditional shamanic energies in conjunction with the current cosmic and planetary forces influencing us at this time.

Traditionally the Native American Medicine Wheel ceremony helps you to enter a trance like state of consciousness through rhythmic drumming and the burning of sages and sweet-grasses. The wheel itself works as a type of vortex for spirit to anchor into the earth and assist you connecting to your spirit guides and higher self. 

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Alchemical Magic


TRAVEL: Tour of the Sacred Sites of Ancient Egypt

In February 2016 Alchemical Magic traveled to Egypt to tour the Sacred Sites of one of the most historically and energetically significant ancient cultures in human history. 

From the Great Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza to the Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae, this was a once in a life time trip to reconnect back to the past lives we have all shared in this magic land.

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ASTROLOGY: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 13th April 2016

13th April Astrological Reading

Whilst the New Moon of last week has ushered in a new cycle and time of new beginnings many of us are yet to feel the effects of this rebirth and are still being impacted by intense cosmic energies.
Do not be overwhelmed by these influences, Cosmic Merkaba Meditation this week is here to remind us to take a pause and recognise the astrological effects that the cosmos in having on our emotions. 

Our worries, fears, frustrations and anxieties are all being amplified at this time, causing our reactions to be amplified too. Take this knowledge as an opportunity to recognise these situations for what they are - circumstances to master our negative emotions. Every encounter we have either negative or positive is an initiation provided by the universe to master and grow spiritually AND emotionally. 
Remember when we react out of negative impulses we are not only hurting the object of our frustrations but we are doing the most harm to ourselves.

This time of exasperation, fear and anger will pass from mid-to late April and making a conscious effort to not give into these emotions in the moment will help you transit this period with less consequences.
And remember, your loved ones, friends, co-workers and strangers are all being effected by the same astrological impacts so go forth with compassion in your heart.


ASTROLOGY: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 6th April 2016

6th April Astrological Reading

Cosmic Merkaba Meditation this week will be focused on the New Moon on the 7th of April. Specifically the opportunity that this Lunar event provides us for New Beginnings as we begin to integrate all the energies and changes that occurred during the tumultuous month of March.
In the month of April we will start to experience a respite internally from the intense energetic shifts we have been undergoing and begin to feel the changes that we set out for ourselves during the eclipses of last month. Unfortunately we may not see this occurring in the world around us, as we look within and detach from the energies plays around us those who feel that disconnection can act out. 

The new moon in Aries on the 7th April encourages us to be open to the potential of this time no matter the internal restrictions that come up for us. Remember to embrace the changes, for when we surrender to our higher self and acknowledge that everything is in divine order, we experience the greatest spiritual growth.


ASTROLOGY: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 23rd March 2016

23rd March Astrological Reading

March has been month of major astrological events. The Lunar eclipse is the conclusion to a month of Equinox's, Eclipses and a Super moon and is in essence a completion of the energies started by the Solar Eclipse 2 weeks ago.
This week the Cosmic Merkaba Meditation will be working with the extremely powerful energies of the full Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd of March. This lunar event will be occurring at 10:45pm on Wednesday night (Sydney Time) and its influence will be felt directly for 2hrs and 7 minutes before and after this time.

Lunar eclipses have a direct influence on the emotional body (Solar eclipses work with the mental plane) and it is a perfect time to help us all resolve the emotioal turmoil that has been occurring for many of us over these past few weeks. Meditation before and during the actual event provides us an opportunity to focus our thoughts and gain insight into the internal feelings and emotions that have been shaping our daily lives.

Join us on Wednesday night in person or absentee and take the opportunity to meditate with these powerful cosmic energies to manifest the emotional future we want for ourselves going forward this year.

Details for the week:
Wednesday 23rd March 2016 6.30pm - 8pm AEDST
Cost: $40.00AUD
All Absentee participants are called into the group individually and receive a recording of the meditation post session
Bookings are essential - Please contact us to confirm your place


ASTROLOGY: Cosmic Merkaba Meditation 9th March 2016

9th March Astrological Reading

March is a month of major astrological events. Featuring two eclipses, the equinox and a super moon.
This week the Cosmic Merkaba Meditation will be working with the energies of the Total Solar Eclipse that will be occurring on the 8th-9th March.
The energy window for this eclipse will be taking place three days prior and after the eclipse, so we can harness the energy in Wednesday night.

The entire month of March is one of the greatest astrological impacts throughout the entire year. These energies will bring a period of incredible change and is a good time to start work on your goals for 2016 and is a time for you to review your life purpose.

The solar eclipse in Pisces occurs in the energy of the Super 'New Moon' of March 8th .This has far reaching effects, and will provide the energy burst of flooding the planet with 'life force' energy. Among the primary themes of the energy initiated on the solar eclipse is Emotional Wisdom. Gaining mastery of self in order to forge a greater Truth ! In this eclipsical energy you will be giving the opportunity of removing illusion, the removal of smoke & mirrors, the requisite of finding truth whether hidden by others or self.